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The Christmas Survival Kit

Published on December 20, 2015 by

The party season is in full swing so what are you doing to ensure you don’t arrive at 1st January and find that you have a lot of ‘repair’ work to do on your skin, body and health?

A little thought before you head for the next social occasion will help you to survive the party season and be ready for anything 2016 has in store.  Some of this is just common sense, but we’ve got a few secrets up our sleeve to share too!

How to avoid over-eating

Never go to a party with an empty stomach – firstly you’ll eat too many things that aren’t good for you (crisps, pastries, high fat snacks, cake and mince pies) simply because you’re hungry.  Also any alcohol you drink will go straight to your head and nobody wants to start the party feeling less than their best.

Have a sensible light meal before you leave home (or take a healthy snack to the office in a coolbag) and fill up on things like crunchy carrot and celery sticks, fruit and wholemeal bread sandwiches with chicken and salad fillings.  This will ensure you don’t head for the buffet table and overeat.

Pick the smallest available plate and only put on it what will fit – without stacking!

Eat slowly, put things down between bites – it’s easy to find you’ve eaten more than you thought because you were eating and doing something else (talking with friends, flirting with that gorgeous guy someone had just introduced) and weren’t focused on the fact you’ve just eaten three or four items on your plate without realising.

If you’re at dinner restrict yourself to two courses and choose whether it’s a starter and main, main and dessert or even a starter and dessert.

Eat what you like – but only eat a small amount.

How to keep your skin glowing


If you’ve read our recent newsletter you’ll know about ‘Christmas Skin’.  If not, here’s the bad news – alcohol dehydrates your skin and leaves it looking dull and lifeless.  Our advice:

Drink in moderation – choose wine or shots (but not too many) rather than mojitos, margueritas and anything with sugar-laden mixers added

Have alcohol-free days over the festive season

Alternate alcohol with a glass of plain water (dilutes alcohol and reverses the dehydration effect)

Avoid caffeine drinks – coffee, Coke, etc. they’re also on the dehydration list

Go for a walk – great for Christmas afternoon or even the next morning to clear your head

(Our secret weapon) Get an instant hangover cure by booking in for a Reviv IV treatment.  If you’re in the Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire area (Harpenden, St Albans, Bedford) you can book a real shot in the arm and you’ll be amazed at how effective this hangover recovery is.  Reviv is also great for giving you an energy boost and, as Luton Airport is nearby – it’s excellent for jetlag recovery too.

Best news of all – you can get a 30% discount on Wellness Wednesdays so get booked in on 23rd until 10-2pm or 30th for an essential part of your Christmas survival kit.  Just give our team a call on 01582 762877 – remember we’re closed from midday on 24th until we open again on 29th December.

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