How the Infinite-Thread Lift changes lives

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How the Infinite-Thread Lift changes lives

Recently a patient came to the clinic as she was concerned that her jowls were beginning to sag, making her look older than she felt. She was very clear when we spoke about available treatments: She wasn’t doing this because she was worried about how others would perceive her. 

“I did it purely for me – to help me feel great about myself.”

Of course, everyone has different motivations. But I was intrigued to hear almost exactly the same thing, when I caught up with another Infinite-Thread Lift patient recently.

“I felt I was on a slippery slope to becoming an old lady,” Barbara told me. She had started to develop marionette lines; the wrinkles which run vertically from your mouth to your chin, pulling your mouth downwards and giving you a ‘hangdog look’.

“It was the most unfortunate facial expression – it made me look miserable, and I’m a smiley, happy person. I didn’t like it. Once I noticed the sagging in that area, it was all I could see in every photo. My husband would have been happy to let nature take its course, and I don’t think that others would have noticed it the way I did. But it wasn’t about them – it was about the way I wanted to feel about myself.

Roughly 3 months between each photo

You can see that her skin is so much higher and tighter in the “after” shot on the right. Not only are her marionette lines gone, but her jawline is much more defined (the jowls which had started to appear are eliminated) and her cheekbones pop, too. Doesn’t she looked so much younger and more refreshed?

Barbara decided to look at Infinite-Thread Lift. Read her journey here.

“I looked into full plastic surgery, but that would have cost me £29,000 and I was also reluctant to go under general anaesthetic at my age. A friend of mine had ‘regular’ thread lifts, but it seemed to me to be a waste of money. I couldn’t see any improvement in her appearance and I could feel the barbs under her skin – it was horrible!”

As a longstanding Riverbanks patient, Barbara had seen many before-and-afters of our Infinite-Thread Lift, and “I had a lot more confidence that I’d get the results I wanted and that it would be long-lasting. I also liked the fact that you never gilded the lily, promising miracles, but were completely honest about what to expect.”

“The setup was like a mini operating theatre, and the hygiene aspects were impeccable which was very reassuring. Pre-op, I was given strict instructions about how to wash my hair with a surgical scrub to reduce the chances of infection. When I got there, I was placed under twilight sedation, so I was floating in and out. I could feel tugging when the threads where inserted and pulled tight, which was strange but not painful.”

In fact, we also gave Barbara a laser treatment to reduce wrinkles and tighten lax skin around her eyes, at the same time – and she says that was much more uncomfortable! 

“The recovery from Infinite-Thread Lift was a doddle by comparison. There was some local soreness and swelling which disappeared within a week – I took 3 painkillers and that was it.”

The difference in her appearance has made a huge difference to her.

“I smile at myself in the mirror because I like what I see now. Even though others have noticed that I’m looking refreshed, people tell me I look well and want to know whether I’ve been on holiday. In the world we live in, people are judged by appearances, but this is all about how feel and what see. And I have my confidence back!”

Ready for the same result?

Book a no-obligation consultation with me, where we can discuss your goals, make sure that you’re a good candidate for this procedure, and I can explain the kinds of results you can expect to see. 

I’ll also answer all your questions about Infinite-Thread Lift, so you can make a fully-informed decision about whether or not this is right for you. You can book a consultation directly on our website on this page. Don’t forget you can also book through our handy app.

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