How VBeam changed a patient’s life

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How VBeam changed a patient’s life

They say that too much of a good thing is bad, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to rosy cheeks. A bit of a flush after you’ve exercised is considered healthy and attractive.

Women even add a pop of colour to their cheeks with makeup to make their complexions look more vibrant. But when that colour is really bright, and it doesn’t go away, it can become a source of stress, discomfort and difficulty.

Take K, a recent patient who came to us with a web of spider veins all over her cheeks:

Before VBeam treatment

Her spider veins were the bane of her life. She wouldn’t leave the house without thick makeup – which she resented. And in any case, makeup didn’t even always do the job. Her thread veins were very difficult to cover up.

Whilst K’s case was severe, spider veins are hardy uncommon.

We all have tiny blood vessels that run along the surface of our face. As we get older, our skin becomes more elastic and transparent, and accumulates damage from UV rays.

As a result, some of those veins dilate and become more visible above the surface, forming those little squiggles, often in clusters.

Wind chill, extremes of temperatures and wind battering the skin can exacerbate the problem. Not untypically, K is an outdoorsy kind of a person. Unfortunately, if your thread veins disturb you, makeup is only ever a temporary solution. And spider veins do not go away on their own.

You can treat them with IPL – intense Pulsed-Light Treatment – which heats up the blood vessels until they dissolve and are re-absorbed into the body.

But that’s not nearly as effective as our VBeam laser, which is the gold standard treatment for anything red in your skin, like angry acne, rosacea, port wine stains – and of course thread veins.

It similarly heats the blood vessels until they collapse. But it’s a much more specialist tool, which can treat the most severe cases and works faster. And it’s not too harsh – it feels like a rubber band flicking against your skin, and we use a cooling spray to keep you comfortable.

Take a look at the difference it’s made to K:

After VBeam treatment

It’s a remarkable improvement, isn’t it?

She certainly thinks so:

“You have no idea how much you changed my life. I was self-conscious of my face and would never leave the house without layers of foundation. By removing those horrible veins, I feel so much better in myself and even forget to wear makeup sometimes!”

And she’s not alone. Here’s P, talking about the impact of the VBeam on his life:

“I’ve had 3 sessions of VBeam at Riverbanks. As a man of 40, I’d struggled with thread veins, acne and rosacea since my late teens. It affected my confidence – I would cancel personal plans and not show up to work when I had flare-ups. After a few sessions of VBeam, my skin is going through a transformation. I feel more confident and my friends and family have noticed just how much my skin has improved.

“It’s changed my life and I’m very grateful for Sonal’s support throughout my treatment. It stings a little bit, but it’s so worth it.”

Have you noticed the running theme?

VBeam isn’t just a “nice to have” cosmetic treatment. In both cases, the patients say that it actually changed their life: fixing a problem that really unnerved them and held them back. Improving the way they feel about themselves. And giving them the confidence to socialise more freely and just be themselves.

We’re really proud that to offer medical-grade treatments which can do all that.

The VBeam is a highly specialist tool which used to be primarily used by hospitals. Even today many dermatologists don’t have access to it. As far as I know, we’re the only clinic within 30 miles to have one.

So if you have thread veins which are making you feel self-conscious and you’re sick of piling on the makeup, don’t lose hope. Visit our dedicated VBeam treatment page here to learn more.

You can book a consultation directly on our website on this page. Don’t forget you can also book through our handy app.

And of course, if you have rosacea, acne or port wine stains, please do get in touch as well. We can make a dramatic difference to your skin, too.

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