Infinite-Thread Lift was much easier than I thought

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Infinite-Thread Lift was much easier than I thought

“Ravi, I want to go ahead with Infinite Thread-Lift, but I’m a bit scared… It sounds like a serious procedure…”

I hear this from patients the whole time – and I understand why!

Infinite-Thread Lift, our flagship minimally invasive facelift, is a medical procedure done under local anaesthesia. And it delivers significant results – the closest you’ll come to a surgical facelift, without actually going ‘under the knife’.

So it makes sense that you might worry that this is a “big deal” to go through. And take a long time to decide whether you want to go ahead. If any of that resonates, I want to introduce you to Kira, who had the procedure last April.

She, too, was nervous about whether this was for her.

“I was scared it was going to be very painful, an absolute nightmare,” she told me recently. “When I went onto the webinar about Infinite-Thread, I didn’t watch the video showing the procedure – I was too scared.

“But I have to say, it was nothing like I thought. It was so much easier than I expected…”

Kira, 53, first started thinking about Infinite-Thread Lift more than a year ago. 

“I felt that my jowls and entire face were going south, and when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I looked old and saggy, and that’s not how I feel. Menopause didn’t help either – I’m fit, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, I eat well, but menopause has a way of making you feel like your body is changing beyond recognition.

“No one said anything to me, I did it purely for me – to help me feel great about myself.”

Kira had already been coming to Riverbanks for a while, to get facials to help with dry skin and laser treatments to tighten the skin around her eyes.

A facelift was the next step. She researched alternatives but ultimately decided that she preferred to be treated by us, in an environment she trusts. 

She also liked the fact that Infinite-Thread Lift was only minimally invasive – she would not have to go “under the knife” – and the results would look very natural. Still, even once she’d decided to go ahead, she had the occasional wobble…

“On the way to the clinic on the morning of the procedure, I turned to my husband and said: ‘Do I really want to do this?’ I was scared of side-effects and started to get cold feet…”

But to her surprise, the procedure was “easy.”

“It took about three hours, but it was very relaxed. Manuel” – our surgical manager – “made me feel completely at ease, he chatted to me all the way through it. The procedure was uncomfortable – I could feel the threads going in – but my face was numbed and it was so much easier than I thought.”

Before she came in, she told us she was worried about the recovery.

“I got a number to call 24/7 if anything went wrong, and that was so reassuring. Obviously I didn’t have to use it! I’d assumed my face would look bruised for weeks, that’s why I had the procedure done during lockdown. But it wasn’t necessary. While my face was swollen, it wasn’t that bad. I went to work [on Zoom] the next day and was out and about shopping within three days.”

And the results? She’s thrilled with them.

“The difference was instant. I saw my sister-in-law on day 3 while my face was still swollen, and she couldn’t believe how much younger I looked. It looked even better after two weeks – so many people said to me I look really well.”

Take a look at Kira’s jawline…

In the “before” pictures on the left, you can see the jowls that were distressing her. These are a very ageing feature, because they change the shape of your face, pulling your skin downwards:

In the “after” pictures on the right, the jowls are gone. Instead, she has the well-defined, tight jawline of a younger woman. (But you’d never be able to tell she’d had any work done.)

Nearly a year later, now that the threads have had a chance to settle, she says that “it really does take 10 years off you. I feel so much better about myself now. 

“I would recommend this to anyone.”

Best of all, she won’t have to worry again about sagging jowls or the ageing in the lower part of her face for several years. We treated our first patients two years ago, and their results are still going strong – and can be expected to last for several years yet.

To find out more about whether Infinite-Thread Lift is right for you, too, book a no-obligation chat with me today. Book through our consultation page here or through our app.

Take it from Kira – it’s a much easier procedure than you think. And the results will make you look and feel wonderful.

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