Infinite Threadlift 3-year anniversary webinar

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Infinite Threadlift 3-year anniversary webinar

Last week, we celebrated the first anniversary of our SecretRF treatment a little early. Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Evening – it was wonderful to see so many people in such a relaxed, fun atmosphere!

This week, I’d like to celebrate the third anniversary of our Infinite Threadlift procedure a little late 🙂

Infinite Threadlift is our flagship, minimally invasive facelift – and quite simply the best jowl-lifting procedure I’ve ever seen.

I discovered it on the Continent a few years ago, and simply couldn’t understand why it wasn’t offered in the UK. Both the natural-looking results and the elegance of the procedure were second-to-none.

It turned out that in France and Belgium, it was only performed by surgeons. I spent months trying to convince the doctor who had invented the technique to train me. 

When he finally agreed, I was elated – because as I wrote to my patients at the time, I knew that it was “all their Christmases coming at once.”

If there’s one thing many of my patients want, it’s a significant tightening and lifting of the skin. Lax skin, which is part of the natural process of ageing, significantly changes your looks because it changes the shape of your face. Reversing that immediately makes you look more youthful.

Still, most of my patients are not ready for “real” surgery.

Infinite Threadlift is the closest we could get to surgical results, without surgery – and without patients looking ‘done’.

One of the other reasons I was so impressed was that the results were so long-lasting. The French doctor who invented the technique claimed it lasted at least five years. I’ve always been very conservative about estimating how long the results could last, because I need to see it for myself.

So I’m pleased to report that all the first patients I treated, now more than three years ago, are still going strong! We will continue to monitor them and report back to you.

And what else have I learned, after performing around 150 Infinite Threadlift procedures since 2020?

A great deal – but that’s what I want to share with you on a webinar this week 🙂

Join me for a 3rd anniversary Infinite Threadlift “special”, on Thursday, 30th March at 7 pm.

>>> I’ll be there! Reserve my spot right now <<<

On this webinar, we will:

>> Review what Infinite Threadlift is and how it works

>> Be very open with you about what’s possible and what’s not with this procedure

>> Are you right for Infinite Threadlift? Here’s how to tell

>> Introduce some of the newer areas we’re applying it to, like brows

>> Share some of the newest before-and-afters – they’re beautiful!

>> Discuss the practical aspects: What getting an Infinite Threadlift is like and what you’ll experience in recovery

>> Reveal some of the top lessons I’ve learned in three years of Infinite Threadlift.

And of course, I’ll be there to answer all your questions about Infinite Threadlift, big or small.

This is a virtual event (not in-person). Please do join me – all you have to do to reserve your place is click below:

>>> Register for the Infinite Threadlift 3-year anniversary webinar <<<

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