Is exercise damaging your skin?

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Is exercise damaging your skin?

Would you like to know a secret…..?

Here goes…..

There is a downside to exercise.

This surprises many people. After all, we are all constantly told about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the advantages of exercise for your body.

On that score I totally agree: Exercise is fantastic for the body. It’s just not always great for the face.

That’s because exercising – whether at the gym, outside or at home – can play havoc with the skin.

For a start, when you’re exercising, it’s very easy to become dehydrated, and this can leave your skin looking dry and wrinkly, long-term.

If your skin isn’t clean when you sweat – for example, if you haven’t taken your makeup off – you can also clog up your pores, leading to breakouts, increasing the likelihood of blackheads and agitating any pre-existing skin conditions.

More seriously, you may have noticed that long-distance runners can sometimes look gaunt (the look is referred to as ‘runner’s face’!). That’s because there’s not a spare ounce of fat on them.

While that leaves our bodies looking toned and fit, our faces need a bit of fat in order for our skin to maintain its volume and look healthy. When you lose too much weight, everything loosens, and we start to see a slack neck and jowls.

This can also happen when you work out too much at the gym. Even if you’re not running, you can end up with ‘runner’s face’ (but this does take a lot of over-exercising.)

The pity is that looking haggard is the exact opposite of what someone who is exercising wants…. It really is a type of ‘collateral damage’.

You obviously don’t have to – and shouldn’t – stop exercising, so how can you fend off the damage to your skin?

The first two steps are simple. Make sure that you drink lots of water before, during and after a work-out so your skin doesn’t get dehydrated. And – no matter how good you want to look at the gym – don’t step foot on any machines without removing your makeup first.

If you do feel your skin is dehydrated, drop by our clinic. The most efficient way to restore hydration and plump your skin up again is with one of our vitamin IV infusions, which send all the liquid goodness you need directly into your bloodstream, so that it is processed quickly.

It’s also a great way to re-energise and maximise athletic performance, because our infusions restore minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants which you may have lost.

If you find that you’re developing “runner’s face”, you need a gentle dermal filler like Restylane. This mimics the skin’s production of collagen to “plump up” and fill out lines or depressions in the skin.

It will restore your lost volume, so that your cheeks no longer look sunk in and you lose the haggard look. Your face will finally look as good as your super-toned body!

Hit ‘reply’ if you’re worried that exercise is leaving your skin dehydrated or haggard, and let’s talk about the best solution for you.

In the meanwhile, carry on exercising – just don’t let it harm your skin.

Warm regards,

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