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Botox: the natural look

Published on February 16, 2015 by

First let me reassure you – the horror stories are extreme examples and usually the result of inexperienced practitioners.  As with most things when a procedure goes well it doesn’t make the news columns, so only a tiny fraction of patients experience any problem with their Botox® treatment.

In the early days of Botulinum Toxin A (the medical term) being used for cosmetic enhancement it would immobilise facial muscles and result in foreheads that didn’t move at all.  That ‘frozen face’ effect is just history these days; most of our patients want a natural look. 

Not only is the medicine itself more refined, but the application methods have been developed over the years and the results are more subtle. 

Get an expert practitioner

As you get older the natural folds and lines of your face become deeper as the elasticity of your skin fades.  The natural plumpness of your skin reduces as your collagen levels reduce.  Over time your skin’s ability to ‘bounce back’ is reduced and fine lines form. 

Botulinum Toxin treatments reduce the mobility of your face, without removing all expression, and give the lines a chance to relax and smooth out.  In fact, you’ll find that you’ll still have a natural smile, you’ll still be able to express surprise – but the frown lines are fewer.

With an expert providing treatment you’ll have a natural look and most people won’t notice; they’ll just register you’re looking great!  This is one area where the USA are following the UK in the way Botox® is used; the doctors in the States are moving away from the frozen look and using the techniques the UK doctors have perfected to provide that natural look.

What do you want to change?

The first step is to discuss what you want your treatment to achieve and your doctor will be able to place the injections in exactly the right places to give you the results you want.  It’s not just a case of ‘one approach works for all’, for example, if you want to reduce frown lines the injections will need to work on different muscles than if you want to lift drooping eyelids, or slim down a square jawline.

There are still people who want the frozen effect, but we don’t do that at Riverbanks.  Our philosophy is that, if people can tell you’ve had a treatment, it hasn’t been done properly.  You’ll know what we mean if you watch the TV – you can tell who has had an old-style Botox® treatment.  You wouldn’t want that – would you?

If you’re in the Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire areas, in or around London, you’ll find our clinics near Harpenden and Harley Street are easy to get to.  Our patients come from nearby towns, like Luton and St Albans as well as further afield – just give our team a call on 0582 762877 and book your consultation.

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