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Look the way you feel with Harmony Approach at Riverbanks Wellness

Published on November 7, 2014 by

Look the way you feel with Harmony Approach at Riverbanks Wellness 

One of the most frequent complaints that patients have when they see their doctor is that they feel that the doctor isn’t actually listening to them, not taking on board their concerns. As a result the consultations are incomplete and the prescribed treatment may be inappropriate. A survey of 12,500 people was carried out across Europe by dermatology specialist pharmaceutical giant, Galderma, which showed this opinion was very similar in aesthetic medicine. 

So, in 2011, Galderma invited Dr Ravi Jain of Riverbanks Wellness to devise a programme whereby aesthetic patients would be much more involved in their consultations with their aesthetic doctor. This would help the doctor understand the patient’s needs and so be able to recommend a choice of treatments better suited to each individual patient. The innovative programme was called the Harmony Approach and in January this year Dr Jain presented concept to thousands of aesthetic doctors at a worldwide convention in Paris. The reception was overwhelming and since then Dr Jain has launched the Harmony Approach to Australia and New Zealand, Holland, China, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan! Yes, it’s been a very busy year for him!! 

Dr Jain explains, “The key in The Harmony Programme is that it is for people who don’t want to look different, they just want to look how they feel. It’s about natural looking tweaks and adjustments that restore facial balance and enhance the appearance rather than altering it.” 

So what’s involved with a Harmony Consultation? 

Well, first of all, only the best aesthetic clinics have been chosen to use Harmony. 

At Riverbanks Dr Jain has been using the Harmony Approach on all his new patients since early 2013 and the feedback has been extremely favourable. 100% of patients were satisfied with their consultations using this novel method. They all felt much more involved in their treatment plan and the all felt that their doctor listened to them and was careful and attentive in their needs. The treatments they received were all carefully explained and they fully understood their treatment plans for the following twelve months which they found extremely beneficial as it helped them plan their skin care. 

The Harmony Consultation involves 4 steps: 

  • Questionnaire 

    This is a brief questionnaire for you to complete when you arrive at Riverbanks Wellness. The purpose is to identify any previous treatments you may have had and also to identify the reasons why you are seeking an aesthetic treatment at this moment. This is fundamental to the whole process and it allows the specialist to understand your motivations and goals of your visit. 

  • Skin Assessment 

    Once you motivations have been understood your skin will be analysed by the doctor but he will also want your input in what you think about your skin too. The finding will be charted and this will help both you and your doctor identify the areas which need more attention. 

  • Treatment Plan 

    Once these areas have been identified a few treatment options will be explained to you with guide budgets over the next year or two. 
    A timetable of any proposed treatments can then be agree. Or, if you are nervous, we will give you a copy of the plan so that you can go home and ponder these options in your own time. Aesthetic Treatments are not one-offs. 
    Many of our patients have been with us for over 7 years and they look younger today than they did when they first started! That’s because they have invested in subtle skin maintenance plans which discreetly treat the signs of ageing so after each treatment they look that little bit fresher and after a while it all adds up to significant improvements!

  • Follow up & Maintenance 

    We always follow-up our patients after a new treatment. This is usually one month later but can be at any time earlier if the patient is particularly concerned about anything.

What types of treatments are available with Harmony? 

Initially, the programme was designed just for anti-ageing treatments with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. These are excellent, natural looking solutions for correcting lines and wrinkles as well as sagging and hollowness of cheeks or thin lips. However, at Riverbanks we have extended its use to cover all our treatments including solutions for facial threadveins, roseaca, sun damage, pigmentation, skin peels, acne and acne scarring. Dr Jain has trained out experienced medical aestheticians to use the Harmony Approach in all their consultations so that they can fully understand their patients’ needs as well. 

About Dr Ravi Jain 

Dr Ravi Jain is an internationally acclaimed aesthetic physician (cosmetic doctor) and is the medical director of Riverbanks Wellness based in East Hyde, just outside Harpenden. He has lectured to thousands of other doctors and nurses all over the world and shared his vast experience and highly advanced techniques in creating natural looking results without the need for a facelift! 

Dr Jain’s skills with a needle and dermal filler and botulinum toxin have regularly been featured in the media including the BBC, Tatler, Elle and MTV.

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