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Dermal fillers – the science!

Published on February 19, 2015 by

If you’ve heard of permanent dermal fillers, they do exist, but we don’t use them and don’t recommend them as their safety record isn’t as good as we would want it to be in order to use them on our patients.

The best of today’s non-permanent dermal fillers will give natural looking results and last for up to two years.

Riverbanks Wellness uses Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers and these work on your skin layers creating collagen, which is what makes your skin look plump and smooth. 

As you get older your skin naturally becomes thinner and your natural collagen reduces.  This results in deeper lines in the natural face structure – like the line that runs from nose to chin – as well as new lines developing as the skin no longer springs back into place as you smile and frown.

The dermal filler restores that natural volume and fills the lines to smooth them out and push the years back.

Hyaluronic acid draws water from the surrounding tissues, rehydrating your skin and restoring the elasticity and pliability your skin had in your youth.  This means that your skin tone improves and it becomes less papery.  This is why the effects of even non-permanent dermal fillers last for a long period of time, effectively they recondition your skin and give it a new lease of life!

Everyone has a few grams of hyaluronic acid as part of their natural make up so it’s not introducing a ‘foreign’ substance into your body; it’s just adding more, which means that the body won’t react negatively.

It’s not just for your face

Dermal fillers are excellent solutions to smoothing lines around the eyes, lips, cheeks and chin as well as treating frown lines on your forehead, and many of our patients at our clinics in Bedfordshire and London are focused on ‘ironing out’ the tracks of the years.  However, dermal fillers can be applied in other areas too.

Whilst careful make-up can hide a great deal on your face, you can’t cover your neck, unless you wear high necklines permanently – which can be uncomfortable in summer!  Dermal fillers are very effective in removing that crepey look and lifting the sagging jowls that can develop as you get older, giving you back a smooth jawline and a neckline that you don’t need to hide under a roll-neck sweater.

If you like to wear lower necklines where your cleavage is on show you’ll be very aware of that ‘old lady’ effect that can occur with very fine wrinkles, especially if you’re prone to dry skin.  We recommend that you moisturise your décolleté at the same time you apply moisturising cream to your face, but if you want to restore that fresh, smooth and healthy skin dermal fillers are an excellent way to do this.

Then there are your hands.  They say you can tell a woman’s age by her hands and most people use their hands all the time so it’s hardly surprising they show signs of wear and tear.

 Using hand lotion several times a day is good practice, but if your hands have lost elasticity in the skin and are looking their age dermal fillers can resurrect their smooth, healthy appearance.  It’s the best kept secret of women all around Hertfordshire and the Home Counties who defy the march of time and have the same smooth skin on their hands that their daughters have – they’ve been to see us at Riverbanks Wellness, near Harpenden!

If your skin is beginning to show the passing of the years, maybe it’s time to give us a call on 01582 762877.

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