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Dare we mention it … ?

Published on October 25, 2015 by

It’s only October, but Christmas is just two months away – and, if you want to be in shape for the party season the countdown needs to start NOW!  Is your body in Little Black Dress shape?

LBD2If you want to wear something slinky to this season’s celebrations you need the streamlined silhouette to go with it – and for some reason most of us have areas that resist all our efforts to remove the fat. No matter how sensibly you eat and regardless of the hours of effort put in at the gym you can still suffer from deposits of excess fat.  These localised fat deposits don’t put your BMI over the norm, but can really be annoying when you’ve done your very best to stay in shape. The trouble is winter clothes tend to be layered and chunky and it’s easy to overlook small chubby areas – typically, on inner thighs, stomach, waistline or love handles.  But when you put your best party finery on, all is revealed!

Take action now – and you’ll have the LBD body by Christmas

You don’t have to do anything drastic – I’m not suggesting you have surgery, there’s a much easier solution.  One that works really effectively and all you have to do is relax for just over an hour – and then have a little patience as the results develop over the weeks ahead. I’m talking about Fat Freezing. It won’t take you from a size 14 to a size 12 – but it will completely remove those fatty deposits that simply won’t shift.  It’s the difference between having to find ways to camouflage a less-than-perfect outline and being able to flaunt your sleek silhouette with pride! Fat Freezing simply cools your fat cells to a point where they break down and are flushed away by your body’s natural lymphatic drainage system.  There’s no pain, you simply relax on the couch while the two applicators are applied (it means we can treat both love handles at once) and you can read a book, chat to a friend of have a second treatment at the same time (lots of people like to have a Reviv IV at to give their metabolism a boost too). Fat Freezing is totally safe, fat freezes at a higher temperature than your skin so you won’t have any after-effects to deal with.  Best of all there’s no downtime and you can go right back to your normal daily activities after treatment. The effects take a little while to develop; you’ll just notice a gradual reduction over the weeks following treatment.  It can take between 4-8 weeks to get really noticeable results so the sooner you book in, the better, if you want to look simply stunning for all those festive parties! If you’re looking for Fat Freezing treamtent in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire you’re in easy travelling distance of our main Riverbanks Wellness® Centre near Harpenden.  Many of our patients come from nearby towns like Luton and St Albans (we’re their very well-kept secret!) – and we also have a consulting  clinic in London. To find out more or make your booking please just call us on 01582 762877, you’ll find our team are really friendly and helpful.

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