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Double Chin Reduction

Published on September 8, 2016 by

A couple of months ago, a patient started telling me about a concert she had been to the night before.

“It sounds amazing,” I told her. “Do you have any pictures?”

‘Angela’ took out her phone, and started swiping.

It took me a while, but eventually I noticed something strange. There were pictures of the band, of the crowd, and of the group of friends she was with. But absolutely none of her.

“No….” she said wistfully, when I pointed it out. “I hate being in pictures. It’s my double chin…”

Over the past few years, I’ve heard similar comments many times from patients. The age of the selfie and Instagram, conference calls and Skype is tough if you are self-conscious about any aspect of your appearance.

But facial features like double chins, which are prominent in any photo or video, can cause particular upset and anxiety. The result of genetics for some people and weight gain for others, double chins are very ageing, because they change the shape of your face. And they are so difficult to hide.

“Polo necks just draw attention to my chin,” ‘Angela’ told me. “I’ve tried loads of different haircuts, but none of them really made a difference. For a while, I tried standing at a particular angle when people took my photo – but I just couldn’t bear to see the results.

“Now I’d rather leave the room.”

Unfortunately, double chins are particularly hard to get rid of. They don’t always disappear with weight loss, and you can’t spot-exercise them away, despite thousands of Internet pages telling you otherwise.

Until recently, the options with aesthetic medicine were limited to liposuction or fat-dissolving injections, which can be painful.

But here’s the great news: There’s now an easy, non-surgical solution.

Over the years, you may have heard me talking about fat freezing, where we quite literally freeze your cells until they disintegrate and die. It’s one of our treatments of choice for areas like love handles, backrolls and thighs, because it’s so effective at reducing stubborn fat that won’t disappear any other way.

The problem has always been that the technology worked for large areas, so it wasn’t suitable for chins.

But now, there’s a new fat-freezing device called the CoolMini, which has been specially designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, such as the area under the chin.

We’ve just got the device this very week – and will be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer it.

Each session takes just half-an-hour, and you see results within three to four weeks. There’s no downtime – you can usually go straight back to work – and it’s non-invasive, with no surgery or needles involved. It just gets a little cold….!

Best of all, because it’s not a new treatment – just a new area it can be applied to – it’s tried, tested, safe and effective.

The investment is £1,500 for a single treatment, and there are packages available for multi courses.

Fixing a double chin, and getting a slimmer jawline, will take years off your face.

This winter, you’ll be able to ditch the polo necks; give yourself a radical new haircut if you like; and most importantly, pose for selfies to your heart’s content. No more worrying about your profile, and no more stretching your neck out to hide the double chin – because it will be gone.

If that’s the kind of result you’re looking for, hit ‘reply’ to find out more.

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PS. This new device is just part of a really big new announcement I have to make about our fat freezing treatments…. Watch out for some exciting news next week!