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My Secret to Losing Winter Weight

Published on February 17, 2016 by

Are you worried you put on weight this winter?

If so, you’re not alone.

In modern times there’s no biological reason why we gain weight in winter, but when it’s cold and rainy outside and gets dark so early, we’re far less likely to exercise seriously. Curling up at home in front of the television is just so much more appealing.

The foods we tend to eat in winter are heavier ‘comfort foods’, and all those lovely hot chocolates and lattes are very calorific.

Even worse, they come on the back of the holiday season, when we all overate.

Last but not least, when we’re wrapped up in several bulky layers, it’s easier to hide excess weight, and it becomes less urgent to deal with.

Ravi Vanquish

It’s not like we all emerge from winter having doubled our size.

But if your clothes are getting tighter and you just don’t feel good about yourself, it can make a difference.

But now the weather is brightening up and the evenings are getting lighter. There’s no better time to start shedding weight gained during the winter months, get back in shape and enter autumn looking and feeling your best. Summer is just four months away!

What I find helps, when you’re out of practice, is a little taste of success.

There’s nothing more frustrating than switching your eating plan or going to the gym regularly, but seeing no change or only very slow change. You are far more likely to stick with any health and fitness regime once you see some results. Actually losing a bit of weight, and seeing your clothes begin to fit better is the best motivator to do more.

So put in the work upfront.

And if you need that extra boost, why not get some help from aesthetic medicine?

I see this with my patients the whole time. They use VASER or fat freezing to get rid of their problem areas, be it love handles, thighs, abdomen or back rolls. Then, as soon as their body shape changes, they feel great about themselves, and as a result are far more motivated than they ever were before to maintain the results. They eat healthier and exercise more – helping them look better everywhere.

It happened to me too. Last month, I started a course of Vanquish ME – the breakthrough non-invasive, pain-free treatment that melts away your fat. Within a couple of weeks, I’ve already lost 2 inches around my waist (!).

Knowing that I look noticeably better is an enormous motivator to exercise, particularly as I still have two treatments to go – so I know that more inches are going to be lost.

If you, too, want that head start, hit ‘reply’ and let’s talk. By the time summer rolls around, winter weight will be ancient history.

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