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It’s not just for women!

Published on June 22, 2015 by

Galderma’s Proof in Real Life campaign, headed by Sharon Stone, used identical twins to show how Skinboosters and dermal fillers can make small changes that look completely natural – for men as well as women.

Two sets of twins were men; Edward and Jonathan, 34, with Jonathan receiving the Skinboosters treatment and James and Tom, 37, with James experiencing Restylane dermal fillers.

The campaign used one twin as a control and the other received treatment – the results were really interesting – and very natural and subtle.

Jonathan and Edward are both models and actors and, naturally, conscious of looking good for their careers. Jonathan was apprehensive before the treatments started. “I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I asked the practitioner lots of questions about the side effects because I was worried they might be irreversible.”

His twin admitted “I didn’t know enough about the results of the treatments, which makes me worried for my brother.” However, the results were a pleasant surprise for both.

Restylane Skinboosters are injected under the skin and not only rehydrate dry skin, but also encourages collagen to generate, which restores volume to the facial contours and gives a youthful, fresh and glowing appearance.

Edward said “His skin looks more refreshed and I can’t believe how much more confident Jonathan is now.”

As you can see, the changes are subtle, a smoother look with reduced lines and pouches under the eyes and alongside the mouth. Jonathan commented “The changes are so subtle and natural-looking, it looks as though I’ve just returned from holiday.”

Like Edward and Jonathan, James and Tom share a career – both musicians – and James was the ‘guinea-pig’.

Tom’s view of aesthetic treatments was “They’re for celebrities and older ladies wanting to look more youthful.” However, he quickly changed his mind as he saw his brother’s results.

James admitted to being a little nervous, but also said “I hope the treatment makes me look younger!”

The treatment was Restylane fillers to restore youthful volume, including the jawline and under the eye area. Tom was surprised at how amazing it looked straight away (and is now planning to have the same treatment).

James was delighted with the results and his initial concern was quickly banished, “I was surprised at how quickly I could get on with my life – I could just carry on as normal and didn’t have to take any extra time off work. I definitely look and feel younger, which has made me feel more confidence.”

The news of his treatment has already got out; “All my friends are now considering having treatments done after seeing how natural and easy the whole process was for me,” he says.

So you don’t need to be female, older or obsessed with your appearance to benefit from dermal fillers and treatments such as Skinboosters; they don’t make you look ‘different’. You look the same – but better – and nobody needs to be any wiser if you choose to keep it your little secret!

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