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Have you had SHR Laser Hair Removal in Harpenden/Luton/St Albans ?

Published on March 23, 2012 by

The very latest in laser hair removal is the Soprano XL SHR system. SHR stands for Super Hair Removal mode and this makes hair removal more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal. For many people the system is completely painless, but if you have darker skin then there may be mild discomfort, a lot less than with typical lasers.

We have had the SHR Soprano XL at Riverbanks for 3 years now and our therapists have a vast amount of experience treating clients from all ethnicities. We treat many Asian patients from Luton especially for excessive facial hair which is often a genetic condition.

Women tend to choose to treat:

1. Facial hair

2. Bikini & Underarms

3. Legs

Men tend to treat:

1. Beard

2. Back & Shoulders

3. Chest & Abdomen

If you would like to book in for a consultation & test patch please complete this booking form.

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