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Look good, feel good

Published on August 3, 2015 by

Like most doctors I believe that attitude makes a huge difference to how people look – both men and women. However, I don’t agree that a positive attitude can overcome every physical sign of ageing. Some people have a very fine skin or a tendency to dry skin and the finer and drier the skin; the more likely wrinkles are to appear.

It doesn’t matter how positive you are, eventually the natural ageing process will result in lines, reduced levels of collagen (meaning reduced volume in your skin) and sagging starts to blur the jaw, the curve of the cheek and brows droop. That’s when you can really start to lose confidence when you don’t look the way you feel.

Ask any older person and they’ll tell you that they still feel young inside, but their body has mysteriously turned into someone else!

Of course, there are people who resort to going under the surgeon’s knife and getting what are often referred to as ‘a nip and tuck’, where the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin drawn tight – for now.

Over time a facelift will relax – and the skin will give further so it will need revisiting at some point. The result of this is usually that plastic look, where the face looks like it’s been dragged up and back (hardly surprising as that’s exactly what has happened).

In today’s world a much less extreme alternative is Ultherapy. It offers a completely non-invasive option – no surgery, no needles, just the applicator on the surface of the skin that sends ultrasound waves deep into the skin, encouraging the tissues to regenerate.

Ultrasound has been in use in the medical world for half a century, most people are familiar with it as a means of scanning the body to see what’s going on deep beneath the surface, including the scans most pregnant women have to see how their baby is doing during gestation.

It’s also been in use for decades to treat injured tissues. Physiotherapists find it an excellent way to encourage damaged tissues to regenerate and knit back together. So it’s a logical step to use it for encouraging tissues that aren’t working at their optimum level to regenerate.

Over the years I’ve been treating patients who are unhappy about the way they look it’s abundantly clear that even quite small changes make a big difference to how they feel. Ultherapy has the added advantage that it keeps on working over many months so even a year later the skin has continued to tighten up.

Patients love the fact that brows that have begun to droop over the eyelids are now lifting back up to where they were a few years ago. They can’t stop taking sneaky peeks at their profiles in the mirror now their sagging jawline has returned to the sharply defined shape of their youth! Crepey, wrinkled necks are smoothed out and even the décolletage has been restored and can be revealed in low cut gowns with confidence.

Ultherapy is safe (with hundreds of thousands of treatments having taken place), it’s completely non-invasive, it doesn’t hurt – it’s not even ‘a bit uncomfortable’ and you don’t need to take any time out from your busy life (except for your appointment, of course) as there are no after effects.

Now Riverbanks Wellness® can offer this treatment with expert practitioners in the team, do come and visit us. We’re easy to find, just outside Harpenden right on then Herts/Beds border and an easy drive from Luton and St Albans. Give our front office a call on 01582 762877 and book your appointment to put time in reverse.

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