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Losing your jawline?

Published on October 11, 2015 by

If you are losing the definition along your jawline, getting Deputy Dawg droopy jowls or suffering from a double chin it’s not the end of the world – but you do need to take action. A sagging jawline occurs when your skin and muscle tone are reduced and gravity takes over!  For some people this starts being visible quite young – it all depends on your skin’s natural resilience and elasticity.  However, even the best-kept skin gives in to gravity at some point. In the winter your neck can be covered up with polo-necks, but even the highest polo-neck doesn’t hide those droopy jowls.  One of my friend’s young daughter used to describe it as ‘old-lady face’ – but it happens to men too! There is more than one way to get your jawline back – and, apart from a full surgical face-lift, we do offer treatments that will achieve the results you want including dermal fillers and, for some patients, Vaser.  However, Ultherapy offers the best outcomes we’ve seen for a non-invasive treatment; it’s close to what is achievable with surgery. Before and after results with ultherapy slides.017

While dermal fillers replace your natural collagen – and the hyaluronic acid does disperse over a period of time – Ultherapy gets your natural collagen back in production. Vaser will remove any fatty pockets – but doesn’t tighten the skin up in the same that Ultherapy does.  That’s the big difference – when you get sagging jowls, it’s not just that you’ve developed a double chin, the skin actually drops as there’s nothing underneath giving it volume and smoothness. Ultherapy recreates that underlying tissue – the collagen – that fills out the skin restoring elasticity and resilience.  This is what lifts those jowls and gives you that clean jawline that makes you look so much younger.

‘What about my neck?’

If you’re having Ultherapy to get rid of your jowls, the next issue is probably your neck.  If you’re of a certain age – especially if you have fine skin – your neck is often the first thing that starts to give away your age.  Getting a more defined jawline is likely to draw attention to any sagging or wrinkling in your neck area – but the good news is that Ultherapy is equally effective in smoothing out your neck! Because Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to stimulate your collagen, the applicator is applied to the surface of your skin and the waves reach to the deep levels of the dermis.  It’s a similar principle to ultrasound treatment for injuries, where the tissues are encouraged to regenerate repairing tears and strains.

How do I get treatment?

If you’re in the Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire area (many of our patients come from Harpenden, St Albans and Luton) we’d be delighted to see you at Riverbanks.  If you’re anywhere around London we have a London clinic too.  If you’re not in reasonable travelling distance of either of our clincis we can put you in touch with your nearest Clinic. Call us on 01582 762877 to book an appointment or with any queries you may have.

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