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Recapture your youth with dermal fillers

Published on December 29, 2014 by

A dermal filler works in two ways:

  1. The substance injected works like your natural collagen to give the skin a plumper look, filling the lines out to recreate that youthful smoothness.
  2. Hyaluronic acid attracts the water from the nearby tissues to lift folds and restore elasticity.

If you hydrate yourself properly by drinking plenty of water and looking after your skin you’ll find that the results not only look better, but also last longer.

Choosing the right dermal filler

At our Clinic near Harpenden in Hertfordshire we keep right up-to-date with the latest advances in fillers and ensure that we choose products that are safe and used carefully.  This means that we don’t advocate permanent fillers as their safety record isn’t great and patients deserve to be taken care of, not put at risk.

The fillers we use at Riverbanks and in our London Clinic at The Wellbeck Hospital we use both Restylane and Emervel.

Restylane from Sweden has been one of the leading dermal fillers for many years, constantly improving and it has won several awards.  Our team has recommended and used it since Riverbanks opened and the results have been excellent, giving patients a natural, fresh and more youthful look, without dramatic changes.

Emervel is the very latest, and most advanced, dermal filler treatment and was chosen for use to enhance Riverbanks patients’ appearance because it is underpinned by comprehensive research and development. 

Dr Jain has visited the Galderma Pharmaceuticals (the makers) seen the facilities, talked to the research team and examined their results.  He was so impressed with the product and the manufacturers that he was one of the first to use this dermal filler worldwide.  With a couple of years of results to show the outstanding effects, his decision has been well and truly validated.

Dr Jain explains “Emervel has taken all the best qualities from all the other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and merged them into one outstanding product.”  And the patients confirm this:

“None of my friends have guessed I’ve had any work done – but they keep asking if I’ve been on holiday as I look so refreshed – Thank you so much.”

Ann, North London

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out wrinkles all around the face.  They’re particularly popular:

  • To remove forehead lines, both horizontal lines and the vertical ‘frown’ lines that develop above the nose
  • To smooth out the fine lines that develop around the eyes
  • For getting rid of those tell-tale lines around the lips that cause lipstick to ‘leak’
  • For reducing the deep lines that develop running from the nose to the mouth
  • For lightening that line under the bottom lip on your chin
  • To restore facial volume to recreate rounded cheeks and get rid of sagging

However, dermal fillers can be used for other areas too.  They’re excellent for:

  • Getting rid of that crepey décolleté so you can show off with lower necklines without being self-conscious of the signs of age
  • Smoothing out the backs of your hands so the ‘age’ of your hands matches your youthful face
  • Sorting out any odd indentations you may have developed elsewhere on your body.

In professional hands cosmetic fillers are great at wrinkle removal, but better than that they will give you a natural, fresh look so that even your closest friends won’t guess you’ve had treatment.

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