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The sun is a mixed blessing – we need its light to give our bodies vitamin D and it definitely has a feel-good factor, sitting in warm sunshine is definitely good for de-stressing and relaxation! However, even with a sunscreen, it will dry your skin out to some extent and the best present you can give you skin is to treat it to some serious rehydration.

Where do you start?

There are several options to give yourself a complete refresh.

A Hydra Facial is a great first step. Actually it’s six steps (seven if you opt for the anti-ageing version)! Your skin will be detoxed, cleansed and exfoliated, brightened, all those impurities extracted, a whole cocktail of hydrating agents added and finally rejuvenation to give you a healthy glow.

If you choose an anti-ageing Hydra Facial there’s a special additional step immediately before hydration that adds a DermaBuilder multi-peptide complex to smooth out deeper lines and stimulate your collagen to restore the plump, youthful freshness your skin used to have. It’s just like putting the clock back a few years!

Hydra Facials are not only great for giving your skin a new lease of life, but also an excellent treatment if you suffer from acne.

To get the best results a course of six weekly sessions will ensure your skin looks its best as the sun cools off and colder weather sets in.

Another option is to have a Skin Peel. This removes all the dead cells and reveals the fresh new layer of skin underneath. There are several different Skin Peels.

The Hydra Peel is the latest in chemical peels that mirrors the Hydra Facial programme over six weeks. It is known as the GlySal peel as it delivers glycolic acid to dislodge dead skin cells and Salicylic Acid to remove the build-up of dirt and sebum that lodges in your pores.

The advantage of the HydraPeel is that there is very little blistering and skin shedding after the peel as they are removed during the deep cleansing and exfoliation.

There are other Acid Peels available – and your best option is to talk to one of our doctors first and discuss which one will be best for your skin to give you the results you want.

The third option is to treat yourself to a Reviv IV. This is an intravenous hydration treatment that rehydrates from within – and it’s really easy; you lie back and relax for about 40 minutes and the saline infused with lots of vitamins, minerals and other goodies drips directly into your bloodstream.

The advantage is 100% of the ingredients go to work instead of being eliminated through your digestive system before they can do much good.

There are five different Reviv IV options that have different ingredients, depending on what you need most. They’re fantastic for anti-ageing, restoring your energy and joie de vivre, getting you back on your feet after a long flight or a late night celebrating too hard and, of course, complete rehydration.

So if your skin (and body) needs to be fresher, more youthful looking and rehydrated – come along to Riverbanks Wellness®, we’re near Harpenden on the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and a short drive from both Luton and St Albans.

You can book your treatment by calling our team on 01582 762877.

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