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Replace lines, blemishes and scars with smooth skin

Published on February 5, 2015 by

It can make a significant difference to the look and feel of your skin.  Laser skin resurfacing has been around for some time and the technology it uses is advancing.  Today the state-of-the-art CO2RE system can treat your skin at surface level and also at mid and deeper levels with one treatment.

The new technology means that we can treat your skin at more than one level in a single treatment without having to go over the same area twice.  The equipment is lighter, but more sophisticated, meaning that your treatment takes less time and is much more effective.

What does laser resurfacing do?

The treatment improves your skin in several ways:

Lines and wrinkles:  The skin is treated to improve elasticity and stimulate collagen so that the lines are smoothed out and much less pronounced in appearance, with a plumper more youthful look to the skin.

Skin texture:  If you have visible pores and a coarse texture to your skin the treatment will encourage your skin to regenerate, improve the blood flow and give it a smoother appearance.

Acne scars:  Outbreaks of acne tend to leave visible evidence in the form of scars or ‘pock-marks’, giving the skin a mottled appearance.  Laser skin resurfacing breaks up the skin surface with micro-beams and creating a much smoother surface when post-treatment healing is complete.

Skin colouration:  Whether you have age spots, sun damage or other dark marks on your skin or you have areas where the skin pigment is lighter laser skin resurfacing will fade darker marks and bring lighter areas much closer in colour to the surrounding natural skin colour.

The CO2RE system is so much more flexible that previous systems that it’s easy to treat both the epidermis (surface) and dermis (deeper level of the skin structure) simultaneously.  Depending on the purpose of your treatment this means that it is adjusted to achieve the outcome you want.

How it works

A powerful local anaesthetic cream and numbing  laser are used to make your experience comfortable.

The laser treatment removes a fraction of the top layer of your skin (which is why they’re called ‘fractional lasers’) to reveal the fresh skin underneath, which is smoother.  Initially, you will probably have a little bleeding, but micro-scabs quickly form over the 24-48 hour period after the treatment and these usually fall off after a few days with the creams you apply afterwards. Within a few days, you will be back at work!

After around a month your new skin starts to reshape and the new layers will continue to improve over the next six to twelve months.

For wrinkles, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation one treatment is usually enough.  For acne scarring more than one treatment may be required.  The results are definitely worth it.

“I have never had good skin and for the first time in my life I am being asked what I use. The laser has given me great results, well worth the few days down time.”

Anne, Welwyn

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