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Sharon Stone heads the ‘In Real Life’ campaign

Published on June 8, 2015 by

Sharon Stone is the first celebrity to endorse an aesthetic brand to increase openness and understanding of aesthetic treatments and the natural-looking results they can create.

She points out that celebrity pictures are often airbrushed (and we’ve all seen press coverage of usually immaculate stars not looking their best when snapped unexpectedly by the paparazzi).

There’s a culture of youthfulness today and most people want to look young, healthy and glowing regardless of what the calendar actually says! For most people that means some kind of treatment unless you’re in the fortunate few blessed with naturally youthful skin in perfect condition.

The IRL Campaign

In May 2015 Sharon Stone hosted the Galderma Proof in Real Life campaign launch in Berlin. Ten sets of identical twins participated in the experiment with one of each pair having either Restylane fillers or Restylane Skinboosters – or in some cases, both.

More than 100 of the world’s leading media and beauty specialists attended – and watched the live reveal as each pair of twins appeared to show the difference between the twin who had received treatment and the twin who hadn’t. The guests were impressed!

In fact, the participants were also surprised by the results. Most of them were sceptical about the results – some even a little worried about what treatment might do to their face – but the results received 100% vote of approval, from both twins in each pair. The twins that didn’t receive treatment are all booking their own appointments now!

The age range of the twins varied from 32 up to 63 years old and some of the results almost create a mother-daughter effect with one twin looking significantly younger after treatment.

Case study: Diana and Sandra

Diana and Sandra are 46 and Sandra received a course of treatments using Restylane fillers and Skinboosters. She was surprised at how much younger and fresh-faced she looked; “My skin feels smoother now and my complexion is better. Everyone around me keeps saying I look really healthy and my son thinks I look so much happier.”

Diana was excited to see her sister’s results and said “she has always wanted to look younger.” Looking better on the outside makes you feel better within and Diana is planning to have the same treatments herself.

Judge for yourself.

Natural, subtle improvements to skin texture, complexion, resilience and brightness make a huge difference, but although you can see the difference, there’s nothing visible you can point at and say – “That’s the result of aesthetic treatments”.

Two of the sets of the twins were male – and they agree with their female counterparts, the treatments make them look so much fresher, healthier and younger.

You don’t need a twin to look better – just give our aesthetics team a call on 01582 762877. The Riverbanks Wellness® Centre is easily accessible from Harpenden, Luton and St Albans and, being right on the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire is in easy travelling distance of most of the home counties. There’s a clinic in London too.

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