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Great Skin at Christmas Plan

Published on November 15, 2016 by

I have to admit – I just love Christmas and all that this special time of year entails. I’m sure that your diary is already filling up and that you’re planning ahead…

Fabulous party outfit? Bought.

Hair appointment? Booked.

Restaurant table? Booked.

Aesthetic treatment? You’ll book that closer to the time….

If that’s the case, please rethink. Just as you schedule in your fun-filled activities for the party season, you also need to ensure that you have your aesthetic treatments booked well in advance.

When it comes to Christmas, if you don’t book early, you’re likely to lose out…. I know from experience how busy the clinic can become in the lead-up.

But it’s not just about the clinic. It’s about the kind of results you can expect to see.

Many facial treatments require some time to allow redness or swelling to dissipate, while other treatments actually improve over time.

So if you want your skin at its optimum level during the Christmas season, so that you look your absolute best at your office party, or when catching up with family and friends you haven’t seen for ages, you simply can’t wait until the last minute to book some treatments.

Here’s what I would suggest in terms of planning ahead…

Botox is an excellent way of smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and softening any harsh frown lines, giving you a younger, more gentle look. But you will want to ensure that any redness or swelling has faded from your face in good time.

Plan to have your Botox treatment at least two weeks prior to your big Christmas party. This will also allow time for the great results to appear.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are also great for plumping up or filling out lines or depressions in the skin, making your skin look smoother, better hydrated and altogether healthier – perfect for a festive face!

Our most popular fillers – Restylane and Emervel – provide smooth, natural-looking results, but both can also produce some redness, swelling and tenderness in the seven days following treatment.

So again, I’d advise that you book your fillers about two to three weeks before you really need to look your best.

At Riverbanks we carry out skin peels for a variety of skin conditions – everything from loss of elasticity to lacklustre skin. In most cases, we can also reduce superficial hyper pigmentation and blemishes.

But while some patients notice the great results after only a week, others will need to wait four weeks before they see the full difference. So if you’re having your first skin peel in the lead-up to the festivities, I would advise having it about a month before Christmas.

There are, of course, some treatments that will have you looking and feeling better that don’t require any advance booking and can be safely left to the last minute!

Microdermabrasion, for example, gently ‘sands down’ the skin to remove the top layer of skin cells and reveal the new skin underneath. Known as the ‘lunchtime peel’ because it’s so quick and has no downtime, microdermabrasion is a terrific last-minute pick-me up for your skin.

You can also boost your skin quality from the inside, with a vitamin infusion. Vitaglow rejuvenates your skin with high doses of the master anti-oxidant glutathione, hydrating tired skin and making it glow.

Everyone will think your skin look amazingly healthy – and an added benefit is that it cleanses your vital organs, too.

Whichever treatment you opt for, make sure that you give your skin time to look its best, so that you can enjoy all the Christmas festivities looking more fabulous than ever.