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Laser focus

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Lasers are used for many different applications in industry, at home, in the office and, of course, in cosmetic treatments.  Cosmetic treatments using lasers can reduce or remove acne scars, dark marks and blemishes on the skin, hair in all areas of the body and blood blisters.  And each of these treatments use lasers in different ways.

Lasers treatments are versatile and cosmetic lasers are safe and highly effective in expert hands.  These are the most popular treatments using laser technology to achieve amazing results.


This treatment uses lasers to resurface the skin gently removing the top layer of dead cells from your skin, revealing fresh skin beneath.  This removes lines, wrinkles, sun damage and tones up the skin.

For older skins it can make a dramatic improvement in the look and feel lifting the wrinkles out and reducing those annoying brown age spots.

Best of all CO2RE laser treatment is very effective in removing acne scars.  Given that acne often leaves your skin with that ‘pock-marked’ look, you can feel very self-conscious about how your skin appears.  Both men and women suffer from the after effects of acne and, while women can camouflage it to some extent with make-up, men have nowhere to hide their scars.

CO2RE before and after


Many of our patients from nearby towns, such as St Albans, have successfully had acne scar removal – and it’s changed their lives.  Their confidence has grown and their skin looks healthy again.

Laser hair removal

When you get hair growing where it shouldn’t it can be an endless task to keep your body hair-free and smooth.  Whether you use waxing, depilatory creams or shaving it keeps coming back.

When you’re trying to keep difficult-to-reach areas hair-free it means visiting a salon regularly – and this applies as much to men as women, there are many men who have their backs waxed regularly, simply because they’re self-conscious of their ‘hairy’ body when in the gym or in swimwear.

Women today usually feel that hair-free armpits, legs and bikini line are essential – and for women who find that the very fine hair on arms and face are making them feel self-conscious, then it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – as soon as one area is smooth another needs attention!  It doesn’t have to be like that – with laser hair removal you can get rid of hair virtually permanently.

If you’ve had laser hair removal treatment before (or a friend has) and it’s been painful, don’t worry, the latest laser technology is highly sophisticated and is painless.  We use the Super Soprano XL™ laser system and this is suitable for ALL skin types, even Asian and African skin colours (which many laser treatment systems damage).

If you’d like a hair-free body then you can get Laser hair removal treatment at Riverbanks Wellness near Harpenden.  You’ll save time and money with all those trips to the salon to keep the hair at bay!

Intense Pulsed Light

Usually people refer to this treatment as IPL – and it’s really effective for removing pigmentation, whether that’s sun damage or age spots, and also for getting rid of those little red thread veins that mean you never leave the house without heavy make-up.

Many of our patients are men too – they can’t hide behind a layer of foundation – and thread veins tend to draw the eye, when you’re out meeting people (as many of our pigmentation removal patients are – in local business centres like Luton) it can distract people’s attention.

The light generated by the laser is absorbed by the pigmented areas and they are healed gently, leaving the new skin growth clearer.  This usually requires a course of treatments, but the results are well worth it.

Vbeam for blood blisters

If you develop blood blisters (or thread veins or rosacea) they’re caused by blood vessels that have broken.  This can also be the cause of birthmarks – sometimes referred to a ‘port wine stains’.  The Vbeam treatment is a laser that focuses specifically on the blood vessels (V stands for ‘vascular’).

The VBeam laser treatment is very effective in collapsing the tiny broken blood vessels, sealing them and preventing the blood feeding the visible conditions.  If this sounds a little extreme, you can be assured that it is completely safe – it’s simply sealing the broken blood vessels so that the blood flows where it should – not gathering on the skin surface where it’s not meant to be.

Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

Visible conditions are often a confidence sapper – and hiding them can be expensive with salon visits or expensive make-up to cover marks and scars.  Imagine what it would be like to be free from all that.

If you’d like to explore what lasers skin treatments can do to make your life less stressful all it takes is a phone call to 01582 762877 – if you’re in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire (or in reasonable travelling distance) the Clinic sits on the border of these two counties.  We also have a consulting centre in London if that’s easier for you to reach.  Don’t ‘put up with it’ – take action now.

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