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Smooth, silky skin – the perfect complexion

Published on May 14, 2015 by

Even when you follow a strict beauty regime, moisturise daily, use night cream, cleanse and tone your skin, it sometimes doesn’t look its best. As the years pass you tend to lose volume in your face as your natural collagen doesn’t reproduce at the same level – that’s what makes your skin look plump and smooth. This reduces elasticity and means that when you smile or frown the lines that are created by your facial mobility start to leave marks – which is why those wrinkles around the eyes are often called ‘laughter lines’.

The overall condition of your skin can look – and sometimes feel – rough and porous. Of course, a good foundation will cover a multitude of sins, but with warmer weather on the way you’ll want to be able to ‘bare all’ in the sunshine (with a SPF cream to protect your skin, of course).

There are plenty of ways to improve the quality of your skin – including dermabrasion, facial peels, laser skin resurfacing and more, but the latest and quickest way to get results is a course of Restylane Skinboosters.

This amazing treatment is really popular with our patients at Riverbanks and our regulars from all around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire welcomed it with open arms. If you see a lady in Luton, Harpenden or St Albans that has a fabulous glowing skin, she may very well be one of our patients!

These tiny micro-reservoirs of hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin and go to work to rehydrate you skin at every level – even the deep dermis. They literally attract moisture giving your dehydrated tissues what they need to plump up and restore that youthful smooth glowing skin.

They give your collagen production system a kick start so your body’s natural system goes to work and gives your skin back the resilience it used to have so you can smile without worrying about those laughter lines leaving their mark.

This treatment won’t transform your facial structure – it’s not a face lift; think of it more as a ‘glow lift’! Your skin will glow with health, look fresher, brighter and younger.

The treatment is spread over a number of months so it’s long lasting and you should see the effects over a year at least. The first treatment is then followed by two more over the next three or four months. After around eight months you’ll have a top up and your skin will look simply fabulous all summer long and, when everyone else is suffering from dull, winter skin, you’ll keep glowing!

The difference is subtle, but people will notice that you look fabulous – even though they won’t know why! Better still, you’ll look in the mirror and look good, which will make you feel good too.

Skinboosters are a great way to treat your skin if your face looks dry, dull and you need a boost – you won’t regret it. Give us a call on 01582 762877 to find out more.

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