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Someone should tell Andy!

Published on July 7, 2015 by

Professional sportsmen and women are fit, they’ve honed their bodies to enable them to perform at high level – but we still see them suffering from cramps and, on really hot days, dizziness. These are both caused by dehydration – and it’s not just professional sports people who suffer from them – if you exercise regularly and don’t drink enough, you’ll be familiar with both these symptoms.

Even the fittest people need rehydrating after they’ve exerted themselves, you only have to look at the spike in sales of sports drinks over the last few years. Unfortunately, they’re not quite as effective as some of the manufacturers would like you to think.

They do have added vitamins, minerals and other trace elements that your body needs to replace when you’ve sweated a lot, but your body’s digestive system will filter a high proportion of these out long before they start doing any good.

It’s a fallacy that a cup of strong coffee or an energy drink will give you an instant hit – it takes time to work its way through your system and, depending on what else you’ve eaten and drunk recently, it can be an hour or two before it really starts to take effect.

So – about 40% of your intake of vitamins and minerals in an energy drink will actually do anything for you – in a couple of hours’ time. Meanwhile, your body remains under-hydrated.

You need instantly reviving

It’s not an accident that the latest rehydration treatment is called Reviv. Because it’s administered directly into the bloodstream by an IV it means that 100% of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the blood.

Your circulation system then carries the additional hydrating liquid AND all the added goodies it contains and quickly delivers them right around your body. That means that, in a very short time, you’re not just back to normal, but feeling great.

People who have experienced the Reviv treatments report:

  • Feeling more energised
  • Improved levels of concentration
  • Much sharper thought processes – better ideas, more creativity
  • Almost instant disappearance of hangover or jetlag symptoms

And, better still, these benefits last for quite some time.

If you’re in the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire area you can experience these benefits yourself. The Riverbanks Wellness® Centre is just outside Harpenden and lots of our patients come from nearby Luton and St Albans. We also have a London Clinic. Booking takes just a phone call to 01582 762877.

So – who’s going to tell Andy how to get instantly hydrated and feeling good, giving him improved concentration and sharper responses before AND after his matches?

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