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Sun, skin and safety

Published on August 13, 2015 by

Nobody wants to be pale and white when the summer is here, but if you look after your skin you can get a light tan and still protect your skin to some extent. As you may have heard me say many times – SPF50 with both UVA and UVB protection is essential to provide the minimum protection against the harmful rays.

Without a good sunscreen UVA rays can cause:

  • remature ageing – that wrinkly, leather effect!
  • Skin damage – not just to the surface, but at a deep level that can damage your skin’s DNA at cellular level
  • Skin sagging – the sun dehydrates your skin so the resilience and elasticity lessens and the result is sagging and that gaunt look as your skin’s volume is reduced
  • Skin cancer – everyone knows this, but few people take it seriously – but in countries like Australia where the climate is harsher, everybody is much more conscious of the danger as most people know someone who has suffered from it.
  • Abnormal cell growth – whilst this isn’t necessarily skin cancer, it comes with its own challenges and can affect the smoothness and appearance of your skin.

Then there are the UVB rays – and these also have an effect. They are responsible for:

  • Sunburn – nasty red, hot, burning skin and sometimes those not-so-attractive blisters if you’ve really overdone it.
  • Hyperpigmentation – often referred to as ‘sunspots’, these brown marks can be small or large and are not usually immediately visible, but start to show over time, especially as you get older.
  • Inflammation and irritation – the delicate British skin doesn’t always take well to large doses of sunlight and sometimes responds with an itchy rash or actual swelling from too much sun.
  • Skin cancer – and UVB add to the effect of UVA by stimulating skin cancer.

So that’s the bad news – is there any good news?

Yes, of course!

If you’re going on holiday (or even spending time in the summer sunshine here in the UK) PROTECT!!!

If you’ve been on holiday and your skin needs first aid then there are things that you can do:

Skinboosters – a fantastic rehydration treatment that injects tiny droplets of moisture under the skin to revive it and turn the overdone sun look into a healthy glow.

IPL laser treatment – this can’t be done immediately after you’ve been in the sun, but is a great way to treat sun damage and reduce the hyperpigmentation.

CO2RE laser resurfacing – when your skin has been dried out and the texture no longer looks smooth and healthy, or lines are more prominent, this treatment will remove the dead cells and encourage a healthy regrowth.

Peels – another means of removing the dead surface cells to smooth out those wrinkles and reveal the fresh skin underneath.

Reviv – Reviv IV hydrates, detoxifies, boosts your immune system, helps fight free radicles that attack your skin’s elasticity – literally giving your skin a shot in the arm!

In addition to these treatments there are a whole range of products that either individually or in tandem will help to restore your skin’s health.

At Riverbanks we have a number of product ranges that we recommend (and stock), but will only recommend the products that are right for your particular skin type and will provide the treatment it needs. Whether that’s a NeoStrata exfoliation cream, a Nuvesse or Hyalual mask or a combination of products from the ranges we’ve tried and tested.

If your skin needs some TLC after your holiday you’ll find Riverbanks Wellness® will not only be able to help, but will tailor-make a treatment programme that is specific to you. You’ll find us on the Herts/Beds border, near Harpenden and a short drive from both Luton and St Albans – we also have a London Clinic.

All it takes is a phone call to 01582 762877 to put your skin back in its best health ever.

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