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The man with a plan

Published on May 28, 2015 by

If you have a friend who has had Botox then it’s tempting to decide that’s the right treatment for you too. But each of has different skin combinations – and different levels of natural collagen, skin condition and hydration. A quick Botox treatment may help with wrinkle reduction, but not with the look and feel of your skin.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have Botox, but that you will need to discuss what you want to achieve with your doctor. As our highly qualified team can carry out a wide range of carefully researched, leading edge and safe treatments you’ll almost certainly find that a combined approach will give you the best results.

Botox® or Dermal fillers?

This is a question or patients often ask – and the answer is usually – both!

Botulinum Toxin (the chemical name for the Botox® brand) relaxes the muscles so your facial movements don’t carve out those infuriating wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead.

Dermal fillers restore the volume that gives your skin elasticity and plumpness. When you’re younger your skin generates its own natural collagen and is usually naturally hydrated. As you get older your collagen production gets lazy and your skin loses volume. Often the skin also becomes dryer and thinner so wrinkles are quick to form.

A combination of the two treatments means that your lines reduce whilst your collagen is stimulated to reproduce and give you back the smooth, naturally elastic skin you had when you were younger.

Knowing which treatments are best for you is a combination of knowing what you want to achieve AND getting expert advice. That’s why I like to talk to patients about their vision of what they want to achieve first so a treatment strategy can be put together that gives them the results they really want.

After all, you don’t really want A BOTOX TREATMENT; you want a skin that is wrinkle free (or at least has fewer wrinkles than you have currently).

You don’t want DERMAL FILLERS; you want a beautiful hydrated skin that is soft to touch and looks healthy and glowing.

It’s all about the results, not the treatment.

Over the years thousands of patients have visited Riverbanks Wellness – and our London Clinic – from all round the Herts/Beds area (and often from much further afield). Many of them come for a treatment, but after discussion they go away with an outcome. We don’t just give treatments; we make sure they’re the RIGHT treatment.

If you’d like to talk to us about a plan to achieve your vision of what you would like to achieve please give the team a call on 01582 782877.

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