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“Your muffin top is frozen”

Published on January 19, 2015 by

Many of our patients are fit and exercise regularly, working hard to stay fit and toned.  But regardless of the hours they put in or the calories that the chart says they’ve burned, they simply can’t get rid of these little fat bits.  They spoil the line of their clothes and are only too obvious in fitted clothes, especially figure-hugging gym kit.

Even religious calorie counters who are careful about what they eat still have ‘cuddly bits’.  It’s not surprising that this drives them crazy when they’re consuming a very modest amount of calories and should be sleek, streamlined and honed to perfection.

Their solution is to have the revolutionary Fat Freezing treatment at our beautiful Clinic near Harpenden in Hertfordshire or at our London Clinic.

It’s a fact that you can actually be underweight (not that we recommend this) and still suffer from fatty deposits in localised areas that seem to be stuck firmly in place.  If you’ve been dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle you could be forgiven for thinking ‘What’s going on?’  Unfortunately, every human body is different and some of us simply have a tendency to retain fat in certain areas.

Once you’ve developed fat cells they don’t go away – they will reduce in size if you are careful with your diet, but no amount of exercise will shift them.  As one personal trainer once commented “It doesn’t matter how toned your muscles are, if they’re hiding under a layer of fat, you won’t be able to see them.”

Fat Freezing solves this problem as the cells are frozen and then turn into crystals, breaking down and being eliminated by your body’s natural processes as waste products.  It’s an entirely safe procedure and doesn’t damage the skin or surrounding tissues.  For most people it’s painless so it’s a non-invasive method of getting rid of those annoying problem areas for good.

It’s not instant as your body takes a while to break down the remaining crystals and eliminate them, but most people start to see results after 4 weeks and continue to see improvement for up to three months which are then permanent, as long as you stay healthy and eat sensibly. 

If you don’t want the drastic solution of liposuction, with the risks associated with any surgical procedure you’ll find Fat Freezing a fantastic way to create those smooth lines – and banish your muffin top (or any other chubby area) for ever.  Your clothes will hang beautifully, you’ll be able to wear close-fitting gym kit or swimwear without worrying and, best of all, when you look in the mirror you’ll feel great!

Give the Riverbanks Wellness a call on 01582 762877 and let’s discuss how to give you that amazing feeling of knowing you look just the way you want to.  You can book an appointment at the Clinics in Hertfordshire or London.

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