Profhilo Structura: A new concept in regenerative aesthetics

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Profhilo Structura: A new concept in regenerative aesthetics

Today I attended the launch of the new version of Profhilo – Profhilo Structura – which introduces a new concept in regenerative aesthetics – the regeneration of superficial fat tissue in the face.

Here are my notes from today’s talk:

Introduction to Profhilo Structura 

Focus on regenerating adipose tissue. Not a filler; aims at restoring tissue quality in the adipose layer ideal for lifting.


Profhilo has 64mg/2ml HCC Hyaluronic Acid. Structura has 90mg/2ml HCC. So it is more concentrated. It also has a slightly higher tan delta measurement which means it spreads a little bit less and also its G’ is higher, meaning it lifts more than Profhilo.

Importance of Correct Technique 

Injecting adipose compartment influences aging and results. Superficial malar fat injections risk creating oedema.

Injection Layers and Techniques 

Superficial injections aim at superficial fat. Use cannula to maintain precision; avoiding deeper fat and structures like the SMAS and parotid gland.

Profhilo Structura Injection Technique summary

Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment Split between ‘Sinker’ (athletic, thin faces needing lateral volume) and ‘Sagger’ (heavier faces needing preauricular and cheekbone enhancement) Protocol adapts based on patient’s needs (one vs. multiple passages).

Are you a SINKER or a SAGGER?

  1. SINKERS – These are patients who are slim, and have little body fat, and are hollowing in the face. They are generally <50y and have a healthy diet. They may endurance sports like running. They like their slim look and don’t want to look round/oval. These patients have a thin layer of superfical fat below their skin, and if we inject Profhilo Structura in front of the ear, there will be a natural looking filling of the area which will be caused by new fatty tissue just below the skin. This will be in keeping with their natural aesthetic and balanced.
  2. SAGGER – These are patients who have a slightly heavier face and have some slight jowl formation and flatting of the cheek. By injecting along their cheek bone and in front of their ear we can achieve more reshaping in a natural balanced manner.

Protocol Customization 

Sinker: Vertical injections start on the zygomatic arch 2cm from the tragus, and finish 1 cm above the mandible. Sagger: Both vertical and oblique injections to reshape and lift. Start 3 cm from the tragus and follow the oblique line of the inferior border of the zygomatic arch, and then vertically towards the jaw.

Anatomical Considerations 

Preserve zygomatic ligament integrity to prevent unwanted migration. Maintain superficial fat health to enhance tissue quality.

Patient Experience and Comfort 

Emphasise minimal discomfort with proper technique. Immediate results observed, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Unique Benefits of Profhilo Structura 

Combined approach of a light filler and regenerative medicine. Different from traditional cross-linked hyaluronic acids. Supports fat viability and quality, not just volume.

Clinical Data and Efficacy 

Studies showcase no adverse events, high patient satisfaction. Objective measures reveal significant improvement in skin thickness and texture.

Ideal Candidates and Practical Considerations 

Best for individuals with well-defined initial structures needing superficial enhancement. Suitable for those seeking natural, subtle improvements without drastic volume change.

Maintenance and Follow-up 

Follow-up treatments enhance and maintain results. Maintenance typically every four to six months, based on patient response.

Combining Treatments 

Can be used alongside other fillers for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Each layer requires different treatment, ensuring holistic improvement.


Profhilo Structura represents a new frontier in aesthetic medicine. Balances structural enhancement with tissue regeneration.

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