Sculptra Aftercare Massage Instructions

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Sculptra Aftercare Massage Instructions

It’s very important to understand why massages are necessary following a Sculptra treatment. Essentially, the Sculptra particles are suspended in a water solution that is then injected into your skin.

And then the water is absorbed over the next few days. As the water absorbs, what we’re trying to do is prevent the Sculptra granules from gathering together and then producing new collagen, new skin tissue in collections. We want it to be a nice even film in the area we’ve carefully injected and placed the Sculptra for you.

So, over the next few days, it’s important to massage your face for 5 minutes each time, 5 times a day, for at least 5 days. And then after that, I encourage people to massage morning and evening. Until the next appointment because this helps stimulate the The sculptra particles to grow even more collagen, which is exactly what you want and you get better value So how do we do this?

So on the day of treatment after the local anesthetic wears off You will feel a little bit tender perhaps and you won’t be able to massage too hard And it’s good. You don’t need to massage too hard. You just need to be firm So typically i’ve been I will have injected in the temple area around the cheekbone area, by the side of the nose, and down the nasolabial folds, and then the corner of the mouth, down to your chin, perhaps on your chin, and then this hole under the cheek area, along the jawline, to the angle of the jaw, and in front of the ear.

So, essentially, it’s most of your lower two thirds of your face. So what I recommend, first of all, is starting with your temples and work your way down. I’ll just remove my glasses for you. So, what we do, you massage with two fingers, two or three fingers, on the temple area as if you’ve got a tight headache, and you massage that for about 20 30 seconds.

You may hear some some crunching sounds, you may hear some bubbling sounds, don’t worry, that’s all fine. And you may hear nothing at all and that’s fine as well. And then you start from the corner of the nose and push firmly down onto your cheekbone and all the way back to your temple. And you just keep doing that a few times.

And then you start, go a bit lower and you start at the corner of your nose. And you massage that area. Don’t go too firmly here. There are some nerves here that can sometimes be squashed. I’ve seen some patients squeezed very firmly. Doesn’t mean too firm, just enough so you can feel resistance. And then again, under the cheekbone and back to the edge of, to the cheekbone towards your hairline.

And then from the nasolabial fold, under the cheek again, back to your ear.

And then from the middle of the chin, Making sure you get the corners of the mouth here and then all the way back to your ear and then just along the jawline and all the way back along the jawline, along the angle of the jaw up to your ear. So you do that,

do that for five minutes, five times a day for five days and then morning and evening for five minutes for the next three or four weeks. It may be useful to use a moisturizer. Don’t use an expensive one, just a moisturizer and that should be enough. Okay. If you have any questions, please contact me on the clinic email.

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