Updated 10th February 2022

It has always been Riverbanks’ highest priority to keep you safe and comfortable when visiting us. This now extends to protecting you from COVID-19. We have adapted a number of measures so that you can continue receiving treatment in a COVID-safe space.

Please note that our measures are temporary while we wait out this pandemic. We are following rules and guidance set out by NHS England and Public Health England, and our measures are likely to change as and when the guidance does.


If you have had a COVID Vaccine recently, or have a vaccination appointment coming up and are looking to book for Dermal Fillers / Profhilo / Sculptra / Skinboosters it is important to ensure that there is a 4 week gap between your treatment and the vaccination. All other treatments are unaffected.

How we’re keeping our clinic safe

  1. All staff members will be wearing relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout your appointment. This includes any of the following:
    – surgical scrubs
    – surgical masks / visors
    – non-latex gloves
    – disposable hair caps (optional)
    – disposable aprons (optional)
  2. All scrubs are washed daily at temperatures exceeding 60°C.
  3. All staff have been vaccinated.
  4. Any staff member who develops coronavirus symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, will not be permitted to enter the clinic.
  5. All appointments are strictly timed to minimise your contact with others and to make sure we have ample time for deep cleaning between each appointment.
  6. We use a powerful antiviral disinfectant to wash all surfaces touched in preparation for the next patient.
  7. As a doctor-led clinic, we have extensive training and experience of infection prevention measures and protocols. This means you can be assured that we have taken every appropriate step to keep you safe from contracting COVID-19.

Before booking your appointment

  1. Please do not come to the clinic if you need to isolate according to the latest government guidelines.
  2. Please book your appointment via the Riverbanks app
  3. We will send you a copy of our COVID-19 informed consent form in an email prior to your appointment for you to electronically sign.

Arriving at the clinic

  1. Please arrive at the clinic unaccompanied. Unfortunately no children will be allowed in the clinic unless they are being treated.
  2. Please remove all makeup, tinted moisturiser or SPF before entering the clinic.
  3. Please wear a face covering until instructed otherwise. You can also wear your own non-latex disposable gloves if you prefer.
  5. On entry, please sanitise your hands and wear a mask.
  6. The waiting lounge has seats for two – if the seats are full, please return to your car until the previous patient leaves the building.
  7. Please only bring your car keys, bank card and phone with you into the clinic.

During your appointment

  1. Your doctor or therapist will be wearing appropriate PPE for the duration of your treatment.
  2. If you need to use the toilet, please use the wipes provided after you have finished.
  3. We currently only accept card payments. Our card reader will be disinfected between each use.
  4. If you prefer you can disinfect your hands using hand sanitiser when you leave.

After your appointment

  1. If you become unwell with coronavirus symptoms within 10 days of your treatment, please let us know for the purposes of tracking and tracing.

Patient safety and comfort has always been Riverbanks’ single most important value. While your experience is going to feel a little different from usual, your treatment and treatment outcome will be as excellent as always, and our staff will make sure that your visit is an enjoyable one. In spite of the challenges posed by this virus, we want our clinic to remain the happy and welcoming place that patients love coming to.

If you are unsure or have questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Dr Ravi Jain
10th February 2022