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New Social Distancing Measures - PLEASE READ BEFORE VISITING US

Social Distancing Measures

Important COVID-19 Notice for All Patients


We are now running on minimal staffing levels to comply with government guidance. Therefore there will be some operational changes with immediate effect.

  1. If you have had a fever, dry cough or sore throat or have been tested +ve for ACTIVE COVID19 in the last 7 days, please do not come to the clinic.
  2. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  – Do not come to the clinic without booking an appointment via the Riverbanks App.
  3. Please do NOT bring anyone with you to the clinic. They will have to wait in the car, and thats including children. If you cannot leave your children unattended then please rearrange your appointment to another time when you can.
  4. We will email you this COVID-19 disclaimer which will need to be signed electronically before arriving at the clinic. There is no need to print this version as a secure, encoded version will be sent to you for digitally signing.
  5. PLEASE REMOVE ALL MAKEUP before entering the clinic
  6. Please wear a face covering until instructed otherwise during your treatment. If you have your own non-latex disposable gloves its worth wearing those to your appointment as well.
  7. Please leave your handbag and purse in the car – just bring your car keys, credit card and phone. Handbags are an infection hazard.
  8. When you arrive, please wait in your car. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING YET.
  9. We will come and greet you when we are ready for you to enter the building where we will check your temperature using a digital laser scanner.
  10. If you have a fever, we will ask you to return home and contact NHS 111. You will not be charged for your appointment.
  11. Please disinfect your hands upon entering the building and proceed to the treatment room with your practitioner.
  12. The waiting room is not being used for now.
  13. All payments will be processed in the treatment room.
  14. We will only accept card / contactless payments.
  15. Should you need the WC, please use the wipes to wipe down after you have finished and dispose in the bin and NOT the toilet.
  16. Just before leaving the clinic, please disinfect your hands.
  17. After your visit we will wipe down all surfaces touched with disinfectant in preparation for the next patient.

The staff’s PPE:

  1. Surgical scrubs
  2. Disposable hair caps
  3. Visors
  4. Surgical Masks
  5. Non-Latex Gloves
  6. Disposable aprons

All scrubs will be washed daily above 60C.

We have introduced these changes for the good of everybody. Please respect and follow them. If you have anything you would like to discuss with me then please do let me know.

Watch Dr Jain explain theh new patient journey at Riverbanks during COVID 19

Watch Dr Jain explain the new patient journey at Riverbanks during COVID19


Thank you for your co-operation.


Dr Ravi Jain

2nd July 2020