The best way to get rid of double chins during lockdown

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The best way to get rid of double chins during lockdown

We’ve seen a huge spike in enquiries about getting rid of double chins since the lockdown started. During our online consultations with patients, its apparent that they don’t like what they are seeing during all the video calls people are making via apps such as Whatsapp, Facetime, House Party and Zoom etc.

For many, it may be as simple as the angle they are holding the camera at. Too low an angle would mean that you would have to look down at the camera, emphasising the double chin! And nobody really walks around like that do they!

However, if there is really some excess fat under your chin (called the submental fat pad), and you’re slim, then its probably hereditary and passed down from your parents!

What’s the best treatment for double chins?

  1. Coolsculpting – This is a non-surgical method and involves temperature controlled fat freezing.
  2. VASER Lipo – a gentler form of targeted liposuction using ultrasonic energy

Both can achieve excellent results, although I must admit that VASER is 100% reliable as we physically remove the fat whereas CoolSculpting relies on your body to disperse the fat, which produces about 85% certainty of results.

So which one should you choose? 

Well that depends on findings during your consultation and I would recommend. If surgery is not an option, then you should choose Coolsculpting, understanding that there is a slight risk of your body not responding to the highly proven treatment.

If you want certainty, then you need to choose VASER lipo. Even though it is minimally invasive surgery, you only require a couple of days off work and you will need to wear a compression bandage for 3 days 24/7. After that you just have to wear it overnight for 3 weeks. There is minimal bruising and excellent results.

Patient reviews on Coolsculpting for Double Chins

Debbie used to work in aesthetics and is in her late 20’s.

“Over the last few years I’ve been conscious of the fact that I’ve been putting weight on and I’m particularly aware of my double chin,” she told me.

“I’d become really self-conscious about this…. Particularly when it was photographed from my side profile as it looked really bad. Even though I’d recently lost some weight, you could still see my double chin….. It wasn’t good and it was making me feel bad despite the fact that I was losing weight.”

I’m sure many people can relate.

“I’d seen the results that CoolSculpting had had on patients’ abdominal regions,” Debbie told me post treatment, “so as soon as there was the ability to treat the jawline, this was of particular interest to me.

“Once I’d undergone my CoolSculpting treatment, I couldn’t immediately see the change, but, within a few weeks, people – including my mum, who didn’t know what I’d had done – were telling me that I looked better.

“Both friends and family were telling me that my jawline looked better and that where my face had previously looked quite rounded, it now had more definition!

“At first I couldn’t see any change, but, within about three weeks, I’d begun to see what others had seen. To be honest, I looked as if I’d had surgery, although I wouldn’t do that. To put it simply, I looked brilliant and everybody else noticed!”

Let’s take a look…..

As you can see, she has a little double chin (in fact nothing too prominent….), with a little bulge under her jaw.

Just three weeks after the treatment, there’s less fat under her chin. Notice, as well, how her entire jawline is beginning to look better defined, and slimmer:

In fact, these results will continue to develop over the next few weeks, so Debbie’s double chin will continue to disappear.

“Down sides?” says Debbie. “Well, the only thing I would say is that you get so cold that it actually gives you the sensation of feeling hot, but the simple fact is that it’s totally bearable.

“The only time that I felt any discomfort – and I don’t know that I would even call it discomfort – was when the nurse was massaging the skin back to normal. I felt a little pain for a few seconds but, by just remaining calm and unstressed, the sensation passed very quickly.”

I think you can take the eagerness of our own staff to get CoolSculpting as the ultimate badge of approval. After all, they see what it involves, and the kind of results it delivers, every day – and they want it.

If you, too, want your double chin to disappear, just hit ‘reply’ and let’s talk. We’ll get things moving for you – literally! – within just a few weeks.

Patient reviews on VASER Lipo for Double Chins

Michaela wrote this diary following her VASER lipo treatment for her double chin:

I have always hated photographs of myself ever since I was a teenager because all I could ever see was my double chin, I always said if there were something I would change about myself that would be it. One afternoon I was chatting to a friend and she had had a procedure called VASER on her love handles, no scars and a great result. I asked about who did it and she told me about a lovely doctor at Riverbanks Wellness®. I had some money from my Grandfather and I decided I was going to spend it on something for me so after looking at some nice shoes (Jimmy Cho) and a new watch (Gucci) I thought about my chin.

I booked an appointment with Dr Ravi Jain and he really did live up to my expectations, he was so nice. He said I would be the perfect candidate for VASER, we looked at the hereditary fat pad (Thanks mum) under my chin and he told me how it would work with two incisions( little cuts) below my ears at the jawline. He said I would need to take it easy for a few days and that sounded great – a little rest too! I was feeling really happy and confident with my choice as I left the Riverbank clinic the staff were great and helpful. Life went back to its normal busy self and I just looked forward to my VASER.

The morning of the procedure I was fine not worried and full of confidence, I had some porridge as you cant eat 6 hours up to the treatment though water is OK up to 2 hours before, I just skipped lunch which is quite normal for me. I arrived promptly at 3pm with my husband and Dr Jain came out to greet us. The clinic is very relaxed and its nice people know my name. I go into an office to meet the Anaesthetist and I am informed that there will be another doctor there for the procedure if that’s ok with me. I am not really bothered how many people are there so I say that’s fine with me. I have to sign some papers to give my consent to go ahead and then we go over again what will happen. This is where the nerves kick in and I need the loo!

The nurse takes me to get changed into a blue gown that is open at the back but I can keep my lower clothes on so I’m glad they are comfortable. She removes my jewellery and then I go for some photos. Usually with pictures you are trying to disguise your double chin but for these it was the focus !!!! The worst part was the doctors marking in marker pen the fat bits ! I went in feeling by now a little anxious, the anaesthetist was really nice (young and confident) and soothing he popped one of those long tubes into my hand, which I hardly felt. The drugs took effect quickly.

I can honestly say I felt no discomfort during the VASER , I was even told off for tapping my feet in time to the music on in the background. A bit of pulling and a few strange sensations but nothing major or painful. If I had to choose what is the worst thing it would be the noise of the machines but that is all. Afterwards I was up quickly still feeling a bit happy !!! (due to drugs) I dressed and was given some stuff to take home, a few dressings and a sheet about what to do, Then the compression garment was fitted to me – Now that is the worst part most uncomfortable but and talk about messing up my hair ! This thing has to stay on for about 5 days and its right round your head. That night was ok with a couple of co-codamol tablets some sort of tightness and soreness not much. The little wounds ooze a bit of the anaesthetic fluid so I had to put on a new pad dressing in the morning.

The next few days were interesting with the dressing BUT every time I took them off I could see instantly the improved shape and I just didn’t care!

How can I book a consultation?

It’s really easy to request an appointment. You can either send us an email through the enquiry form on this page, or you can arrange an online consultation using our app. All consultations and appointments are now performed via the app which our patients prefer for ease.

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