Mole Removal – Minor Ops

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We use three primary ways to carry out mole removal. Two are surgical; minor surgery, radiosurgery and one uses a CO2 laser.




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Improve the skin’s complexion, feel and garner natural-looking results


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Mole Assessment

Is your mole benign?

The vast majority of moles are harmless and occur when cells called melanocytes grow in clusters or clumps in the skin. However, a mole that is growing or changing in shape, colour or texture can be a sign of malignant melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer. Keeping an eye on your moles and getting advice from a qualified doctor if you notice a change that concerns you, is essential.

All patients interested in Riverbanks’ mole removal treatments will require an assessment by a Riverbanks doctor, who will examine the mole. After that, we can discuss options for removal.

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Procedure Overview
access_time Duration 15-30 minutes
local_pharmacy Anaesthesia Local
king_bed Downtime None
check_circle Final Result 1-2 months
person Suitable for Unwanted skin lesions


You’ll always know what to expect

There are three types of procedure depending on the treatment you require. Your doctor will create a treatment programme that is specially tailored to your needs.

Mole Removal – Minor Ops

Minor surgery

We can perform a shave excision or elliptical excision of your mole. Shaving will remove the top portion of the mole so it blends in, flush with the surrounding skin. Elliptical excision is deeper, and will remove the entire mole, both above and below the skin, because of this it may require stitches. We will send all surgically removed moles for examination under a microscope, to make sure that it’s benign and not a sign of something worse.

Mole Removal – Minor Ops


Riverbanks also offers Radiosurgery as a treatment for removing moles. Radiosurgery is surgery using high frequency radio waves, that is, the destruction of precisely selected areas of tissue using ionizing radiation rather than excision with a blade.

Mole Removal – Minor Ops

Laser treatment

Your discussions with your doctor might mean you decide to remove your mole with a laser instead of with a scalpel. As lasers seal blood vessels and evaporate the tissues they remove, there’s no need for cutting or stitches on the skin, reducing the likelihood of unsightly scarring even further.

Riverbanks have a CO2 laser that can be used to remove moles. The laser closes the skin and targets just the tissue, leaving a smooth, clean surface unlike after having traditional surgical techniques.


Doctor-administered and tailored to you

At Riverbanks you’ll only be offered treatments that are right for you. Whatever mole removal method we recommend, you can be assured that it will be the best fit for your cosmetic needs, the nature of the mole and your overall health and wellness. Your mole removal treatment plan will be devised and administered by a qualified doctor with many years’ experience removing moles, warts, skin tags and other pigmented lesions. Your treatment will reduce the appearance of your moles and in many cases eradicate them completely.

Mole Removal – Minor Ops
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Before & After

Mole Removal – Minor Ops

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Before & After

Mole Removal – Minor Ops

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How will I feel?

You’ll feel like a huge worry has been lifted off your shoulder (or face, or wherever). Even if nobody seems to notice your mole, you may still feel self-conscious about it. That will be a thing of the past. Over time this will have smashed your self-confidence. After a relatively short treatment or surgery session, you’ll instantly feel on top of the world as your self-esteem grows every passing second from removal. Your confidence will come out from nowhere

During the procedure you won’t feel anything as a local anaesthetic will be administered.

Mole Removal – Minor Ops


Patient Testimonials

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I've always been so self conscious of that mole ever since I was a teenager. I wish I'd had it removed by you years ago!

- Carol, Hertfordshire

Riverbanks’ Expertise

You're in good hands

Our first priority is your overall health and wellbeing. That is why the most important part of your mole removal treatment is the initial mole check. We will assess and diagnose if your mole is suitable for removal and if we are concerned about the appearance of a mole, we will encourage you to talk to your GP before we go any further. Riverbanks founder Dr Ravi Jain has extensive experience treating moles, cysts, warts, blood spots, skin tags and other skin lesions and will make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

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I understand how irritating and confidence-sapping moles can be. The first step is making sure they're not more sinister than unsightly objects on your skin. As we have 3 different options for removing moles the treatments are always tailored to you and your mole. Whether you require minor surgery or laser treatment, the results are excellent and always immediate.


Medical Director


Treatment Questions

  • What is the treatment used for? add_circle
    For the removal of skin tags, unwanted / suspicious moles, age spots, birth marks.
  • Is the treatment painful? add_circle
    The treatment usually requires a local anaesthetic injection so you shouldn’t feel any pain except for the anaesthetic at the start of the procedure which might feel like a small scratch
  • When will I see results? add_circle
    If you are having a removal procedure, the result is instant. The scar that might be left after the removal could take several months to fully heal.
  • How long do the results last? add_circle
    It should be a permanent procedure.
  • What equipment do you use? add_circle
    We have a CO2 Laser, a radio surgical device as well as traditional scalpel & stitches. We will use the technique which delivers the best outcome for your condition.

What now?

Your expert consultation

We're here to listen, understand and reassure. We always make sure our treatments are suitable for our patients and that our patients are suitable for our treatments. Before you book a treatment with us, we ask that you book a free, non-committal virtual consultation with our doctor or skin therapist so that we can discuss your condition and evaluate your medical history before inviting you for an in-clinic consultation.

You can book a virtual consultation on our booking page or by downloading our app. We look forward to virtually meeting you soon.

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