Want to get a flat stomach before the summer holidays?

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Want to get a flat stomach before the summer holidays?

Take a look at this recent patient of ours:

As you can see, she was quite close to a healthy weight. But she had a bit of a protruding belly, which hung over her jeans and made it harder to wear fitted shirts and dresses.

As you can imagine, she desperately wanted to get rid of the excess fat. But it wouldn’t shift, no matter how much she exercised.

Yet here she is again, just three months later:

Her stomach is flatter! The little paunch is gone, and she has a lovely shape which she can feel confident about no matter what she wears.

Now, there’s a reason I wanted to show you these pictures. You see, many patients are telling us right now that they’re anxious to eliminate stubborn fat around their tummies, their love handles, thighs or arms.

They’ve finally booked a summer holiday somewhere sunny for the first time since 2019. And it’s beginning to dawn on them. In just 4-5 months’ time, they’ll be sitting by a pool, wearing a swimsuit or shorts or a tank top.

They want to be able to enjoy that holiday and feel confident about themselves – not sit there worrying about their figure. The problem is, they just can’t shift these pockets of fat, no matter how hard they try. It’s very frustrating. But if that’s the way you feel, too, let me give you some hope. You can still get the figure you want before your summer holiday, with a little help from an aesthetic treatment!

The quickest way to do that is VASER Liposuction. The results are immediate. But VASER is mildly invasive and involves aftercare and downtime. And that’s not for everyone.

Luckily, there are other routes to get a more sculpted body.

The best alternative is the procedure we used to transform the lady in the photos. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment which quite literally freezes your fat away. It takes a little longer than VASER for results to appear, but it’s still QUICK – you’ll see a change in 3 weeks, with final results by month 2-4.

So if you start now, you could easily have the flat stomach you’ve always wanted by July. CoolSculpting is easily one of our most popular treatments, and you’re going to love it too, because:

It has a big impact on your shape! CoolSculpting can permanently reduce up to 24% of your fat in the area we treat. That’s a visible difference.

The treatment is EASY. You typically have two sessions, each lasting under one hour – and while it feels cold, most people get used to the sensation quickly. In fact, most people spend the treatment watching TV, surfing the net or even snoozing.

After the treatment, we massage the area for a couple of minutes to help break down the fat cells and give you vastly improved results. Some people find that part uncomfortable, but it’s completely bearable. No downtime. When we’re done, you can get up and go right back to your life – there is ZERO downtime and no aftercare.

Clinically proven. Not only is CoolSculpting FDA-approved – so it is completely safe – it has been extensively studied in clinical trials, so its effects are proven. There are many imitators, but CoolSculpting is the gold standard in fat freezing treatments.

Sonal’s expertise. At Riverbanks, CoolSculpting is carried out by our resident expert, Sonal Shah. She’s performed well over 500 procedures, making her extremely experienced. And that counts for a lot! With CoolSculpting, a lot depends on the skill of your provider. It’s as much of an art as VASER is because in both cases, we’re not just removing excess fat but actually sculpting you a new shape. 

That takes a good eye, lots of experience and a lot of attention to detail. It takes Sonal!

Results are permanent. Once the fat is gone, it is not coming back! It doesn’t mean that you can’t put on weight ever again – that’s why we recommend that you continue eating healthily and exercising – but your shape has changed forever.

Just imagine. Walking by the mirror in a couple of months’ time and LOVING everything you see. Take it from the patient whose pictures I shared above:

“12 weeks after having CoolSculpting procedure on my lower abdomen, I can honestly say the results are amazing. I am a lot happier, my stomach is flatter, I now wear dresses and feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes and more confident. The staff at Riverbanks are warm, welcoming and very professional. I felt completely at ease throughout the procedure and aftercare. I would definitely recommend this clinic and this procedure; I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Ready to experience that same transformation yourself?

Book a consultation to discuss how CoolSculpting can help you here or through our app. Or call our CoolSculpting hotline on 01582 818 265 and leave a message – Sonal will get right back to you.

We can’t wait to help you get the figure you want, quickly and easily – and well in time for your summer holiday 🙂

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice. It all depends on your personal preferences and your lifestyle, for example how fast you want results, how much fat you’d like to eliminate, whether you can commit to aftercare and how much downtime you can tolerate.

Not sure which option is right for you? Book a consultation with me, to discuss your goals and to review your options: https://riverbanksclinic.co.uk/book/

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