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Bio Identical Hormones for Men London

If you’re living a high pressure lifestyle, struggle to get a good night’s sleep or feel that you’re getting old before your time, Bio-Identical Hormones offer a safe and natural solution.

There’s a lot of banter about the ‘Male Menopause’ or the ‘Andropause’, but it’s not so funny when it happens to you. It’s not unusual for men to experience a drop in energy, weight gain and hair loss as well as a whole host of other symtoms such as poor sleep, irritability and erectile dysfunction at a certain point in their lives. Bio-Identical Hormone treatment restores the hormone imbalance and is tailored to your particular symptoms. They can be prescribed for external or internal use and patients get significant results:

Improved mental sharpness. At a certain stage of life forgetfulness seems to come along and, no matter how many jokes you make about it, it can be frustrating when things slip from your memory. Bio Identical hormones will improve your acuity and make ‘mental fog’ a thing of the past.

More energy. If you’re fed up with that ‘tired and weary’ feeling you can banish fatigue and be ready for anything.

Improve your libido. When you’re tired, your love life can suffer. If your testosterone levels are low Bio-Identical hormones can restore your libido and put the pizazz back in your sex life.

Deal with weight gain.  The right prescription can help you get rid of those excess pounds that have crept on – and if you’re working out will improve muscle gain too.

Lift your spirits. If you find you suffer from depression and anxiety Bio-Identical hormones will smooth out those mood swings and give you back your joie de vivre.

If you want to be back in control of your life, feel energetic and be ready for anything life throws at you call us on 01582 762877 to find out how.


What does the Bio-Identical hormone treatment consist of?

The treatment depends on your specific symptoms and can include tablets, creams and injections. Your prescription will be developed and sent to you from a specialist pharmacy.

Is it a single treatment or a series of treatments?

Bio-Identical hormones treatment is an ongoing course of treatment, depending on what is prescribed for your particular symptoms as a result of comprehensive testing.

Will it need repeating later?

As an ongoing course a prescription is created to treat the symptoms you originally present with, then, after 6 months, you would normally come in to run a second series of tests to ensure the prescription is doing what it’s meant to. Then, unless there is a major, unexpected change in symptoms, or new symptoms, you would expect to return for review and testing after 2-3 years.