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Bio Identical Hormones for Women London

When you reach a certain point in life it’s almost like nature has thrown in the towel. Lines appear, you find you don’t sleep as well – and then there’s the menopause, need we say more?

Bio-Identical hormone treatment has an amazing impact on all those symptoms that tell you you’re getting older.

It gives your skin a new lease of life, improving smoothness, volume and elasticity and ironing out all those lines that are creasing your formerly flawless skin. If you’ve noticed that you’re suffering from dry skin and other signs of age, Bio-Identical hormones will make a dramatic difference. It also helps to address thinning hair, restoring the life to your locks.

It reduces depression and lifts your spirits so you feel better and more ready to face whatever the world has to offer. You’ll feel better and stop suffering from mood swings and anxiety.

It reduces those embarrassing hot flushes so they don’t impact so much on your lifestyle.

You’ll get your energy back. Instead of feeling constantly tired Bio-Identical hormones restore your natural energy so you feel more like doing things than collapsing in a chair.

It will banish forgetfulness. If you suffer from that ‘why did I come into the kitchen?’ syndrome, or forget appointments, information your friends have given you or other important bits and pieces, Bio-Identical hormone treatment will be a revelation. Your brain will be firing on all cylinders and sharp as it ever was.

Get your libido back. If your love life has fallen into the doldrums and your sex-drive seems to have disappeared, this treatment will give you a boost – and imagine what that will do for your relationship! (Bio-Identical hormones works for men too – so if he can’t keep up send him along for a treatment too!)

If this sounds like you’ll get your life back – it’s time to take action. Give our team a call on 01582 762877 and find out more about this revolutionary treatment.


Is Bio-Identical hormone treatment a replacement for HRT?

Effectively, yes, but it’s much more sophisticated than a standard HRT tablet. Each prescription is developed specifically for you to address your symptoms, after careful testing.

What does the Bio-Identical hormone treatment consist of?

The treatment depends on your specific symptoms and can include tablets, creams and injections. Your prescription will be developed and sent to you from a specialist pharmacy.

Is it a single treatment or a series of treatments?

Bio-Identical hormones treatment is an ongoing course of treatment, depending on what is prescribed for your particular symptoms as a result of comprehensive testing.

Will it need repeating later?

As an ongoing course a prescription is created to treat the symptoms you originally present with, then, after 6 months, you would normally come in to run a second series of tests to ensure the prescription is doing what it’s meant to. Then, unless there is a major, unexpected change in symptoms, or new symptoms, you would expect to return for review and testing after 2-3 years.