What Secret RF is really like

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What Secret RF is really like

A few weeks ago we launched a new treatment to the clinic and to our wonderful patients: Secret RF.

Secret RF is a cutting-edge skin-tightening treatment. I chose it because it’s the perfect “starter facelift” if you’re not yet ready for our Infinite-Thread Lift procedure – but don’t want injectables either.

Treatment is quick – around 20 minutes (although you’ll be in the clinic for longer). It has minimal pain – particularly compared to alternatives like Morpheus 8. There’s virtually no downtime, it’s suitable for all skin types, and the results speak for themselves:

This patient’s skin is so much smoother, tighter and more youthful, and that’s after just 2 treatments – a full course is 3-4. But I realise that all that is very theoretical.

It can still be really difficult to visualise what a Secret RF treatment is really like. And if you’re thinking of getting Secret RF, you probably want a better idea of what to expect on the day.

So I recently posted a short video on our Instagram account showing Secret RF in action. I think you’ll be surprised at just how small the device is. You can view the full video here.

Secret RF treatment video

We can use Secret RF on your face, but also on your neck – and in fact, we can use it to tighten skin pretty much anywhere. I have some fantastic pictures of a patient who used it to tighten saggy knees which I’ll share on another occasion. Or email me if you want to see them! 🙂

When you come into clinic, we start off by applying numbing cream, to keep you comfortable. Once we’re ready to start, we move the device over your skin just like in the video, covering your whole face. Secret RF uses a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy to work its magic. Both stimulate collagen in your skin, which makes it firmer and smoother.

If you’ve been wondering whether Secret RF really is bearable, note how calm and unperturbed my patient is. That’s not a woman in any great pain, is it? The treatment feels warm and you might feel some pressure in the treatment area. But if you don’t mind microneedling – one of our most popular treatments – you won’t mind this either.

One of the nice things about Secret RF is that it’s very precise. We can adjust the depth of the superfine microneedling needles depending on the area we’re treating and the result we’re looking for. That’s partially what makes it suitable even for areas with very thin skin, like around your eyes. Once we’re finished, you can go straight back to your day.

Optimal results appear around 3 months after your last treatment. The results are long-lasting, but you’ll probably need a maintenance treatment every few months, to keep “topping up” your collagen.

Ready to find out more about this revolutionary treatment?

Arrange a no-obligation consultation on this page. Don’t forget you can also book through our handy app.

PS. I know patients want to know how Secret RF compares to Morpheus 8. The short answer: It’s much better because it’s less painful and more effective.

Check out the video on our Instagram account – and while you’re there, make sure you follow us! Our account is much more active recently, and it is the first place that many of our videos, announcements and offers appear 🙂

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